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2005-05-04 06:37:01   The bagels are way too salty! —RyahDahl

2005-05-04 19:15:25   The bagels are not too salty. —JasonOlshefsky

2005-05-04 19:33:34   The bagels may or may not be too salty, depending on your taste. —RyanTucker

2006-07-19 12:51:16   obagelos has some of the better bagel sandwiches around —MrPhil

2007-03-26 18:12:26   Obagelos gets its bagel dough from Brownstein's! :P —KimBee

2007-05-04 15:59:04   I love O'Bagelo's! The owner is ridiculously friendly, and he's a Red Sox fan :) The bagels (according to my taste) are not too salty. During lunchtime on weekdays, this place is packed. —RachelBlumenthal

2007-12-19 20:55:53   I stopped by on December 15 and found the door locked with nobody inside. I just updated the page because the website is gone. I wonder if John finally called it quits — or maybe he's just taking the holidays off. —JasonOlshefsky

2007-12-19 21:06:07   He seems to take random days off frequently, especially on weekends and near holidays. I hope he's not closing; I really like the place! —RachelBlumenthal