Carlson Metro Center

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Former Location
444 East Main Street, Rochester, NY 14604 [Directions]
Status (as of 2023)

See Gone, but not forgotten

The Carlson Metro Center YMCA was the downtown branch of the YMCA of Greater Rochester.

The fitness center was closed about two years after the completion of the Schottland Family YMCA, citing the difficulties of managing the fitness center at the downtown location and the Covid/Post-Covid era.
Remaining at the location are YMCA offices as well as the Carlson Childcare Center.

The branch was one of the best gyms in Rochester, is relatively inexpensive, there's no contract, and the equipment is both extensive and well maintained.

They had three weight training areas: Free weights, a large Cybex circuit, and the Lifefit digital circuit.

There was a pool with a hot tub and sauna, as well as steam rooms in both the male and female locker rooms.

The cardio room featured half a dozen televisions and a digital radio system that you can access via jacks on the treadmills. The cardio machines included newer model treadmills, elliptical machines, step machines, stationary bikes, and rowing machines; there are so many machines that there's rarely a wait. The treadmills have fans built into them and they actually work.

Other features of the gym included a large gym for basketball, a small driving range, an indoor track for running, and raquetball courts.

A variety of classes were available, including yoga, kick boxing, tai chi, meditation, step, dance, spin, and swimming classes. All classes are included in membership, unlike at some other gyms. Child care is available and there's also a snack area.

The staff is helpful and they keep the place clean. This is an excellent gym and convenient for anyone who lives near the downtown area (East, Park, Monroe, etc).


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2009-01-09 12:22:14   I support anything that gets people Downtown and the Carlson Metro Center certainly fits the bill. It's a great gym (it has nearly everything you could ever want in a gym) and a great excuse to go Downtown. —BatGuano