Jasmine's Asian Fusion

Former Location
657 Ridge Rd, Webster, NY, 14580
Closed as of 2015

See Gone, But Not Forgotten.


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2009-03-02 15:58:26   My husband and I went there a week after V-day. they still have the romantic decoration everywhere, which is good.
I dont know a lot about Laos' food. For me, their food is more like Thai food. We both love it so much. the dessert, green tea icecream is very good too. It tastes very smooth. kinda like soy milk ice cream. service was very nice as well. It's just a little too pricey. I would love to go everyday if it's not that much. —Jing

2009-03-28 12:33:05   I was on a mission for spring rolls and loved Jasmine's fresh ones.

It's a really nice and happy place with a bar and live music sometimes.

Next time I have to try the 6 course traditional Laos meal! —ZachSmalt

2009-04-08 15:10:08   As all the food is delicately flavored, I feel the seafood dishes are where Jasmine's shines. I highly recommend both the six-course dinner and the fresh spring rolls. —EllenKelsey

2009-04-29 20:26:34   Disappointing. The decor is nice although way too dark where we were seated, hard to see the menus and we're not that old! Service started out ok but was lacking by the end. The food was a major let down. All dishes we ordered were heavy on the soy sauce and too salty. Maybe the chef was just having an off night (very off)? And the prices are high which makes it even worse. We can get much better food at a better price at New Ming on Monroe Ave. —DottieHoffmann

2009-07-17 13:15:06   Such an exciting and new atmosphere. I greatly enjoyed the genuine and curteous waitors and staff!

Most importantly the food! Now if your looking to go for some great asian cuisine this is the place to go! It isn't what you may think it is, there aren't large fish tanks with lobsters and fish swimming, the decor is up scale and the service is attentive, everyone speaks clear and perfect English and when speaking to the owners ask about the resturant and how it all began. It truely is a fascinating story!

When you go to Jasmines Asian Fusion try the pan seared scallops with black peper sauce!! It's to die for! - Also get it with the "sticky rice" it's a Laotion type of rice that you can eat with your fingers!! I am hooked!

I went on a Saturday night and they had live jazz which was great! also if your food comes out slower be patient because it is considered very fine dining! It's the perfect place for a romantic atmosphere with delicious food!!!!!! —EdwardThompson

2009-10-26 15:45:37   I went on Saturday at 5pm which is near opening. The service was weak, the guy will fill my water up every 5 minutes but I had a soda and the waiter just ignored it after I finished it the first time. They don't have draft beer anymore apparently. I was pretty damn hungry and the serving were presented nicely (5 stars to that), tasted good (4 stars) but the portions could of been larger (3 stars). It'd be nice if they added an Asian-fusion style salad to the entrees since it's a bit pricey for just an entree. —DamianKumor

2010-04-02 12:59:47   i was here a couple of weeks ago and i found my new hot spot. i loved the food here especially the pad thai with seafood!!! its an additional $3 for assorted seafood which isnt so bad compared to other places. also they have great soup called "tum Yum" it was to too spicey for me but i could not help myself for more. the music tends to be a little loud at some points. it seems as though the owner has a tough time leaving it at a consistent volume. there was a big crowd by the bar and they were extremly loud and requested to play their own music off of their ipod. i didnt like that so much! my waitor was friendly and apologized many times for the over bareing music and tried to get it turned down a bit. i also had the pan fried dumpligs which was very good!! their sauces are amazing as well! try the fresh spring rolls with the peanut dip! considering just about everything is home made by the family i give it 4 1/2 stars. . . . they should relocate off of monroe and get out of the town in webster. they would be more suited by cheese cake and black and blue. —JasonDeruler

2010-05-01 19:51:59   DON'T EVER GO TO JASMINE RESTAURANT IN WEBSTER NY!!!!!!! the food is decent but the service is terrible!! The waitress was extremely rude, insulting, racist, and sarcastic. She threw the menus at the table, made offensive comments, and when we asked for an extra mint she even said NO!...when we went to complain with the manager, he didn't even apologize and the waitress started yelling at us for no reason! We felt extremely insulted and offended...what was supposed to be a fun night with friends and food ended up being a terrible night! I can't even believe such bad service was even possible! Jasmine Restaurant at Webster NY, is TERRIBLE!! 0 STARS FOR THEM! BUUUUU! —Ali

2010-05-05 12:48:27   I went to Jasmine's lastnight and the food was amazing! The service is the best I've seen in a long time! I traveled there for business, I wished they opened up one in DC, they would do so well here! —LucyCerezo

2010-05-18 19:57:19   Been here four or five times now and the food is really really good! However the service gets slower everytime I go. Tonight it was almost unbearable. There was a span of over 15 minutes when there wasn't a single employee anywhere in the dinning area at all. I can't ever go on a weeknight again as I don't have two hours to spend eating dinner on a Tuesday. —Jesswilkie

2010-06-12 15:10:36   I have been going here for about a year now. As a vegetarian, I was impressed with the kitchen's ability to modify certain dishes to omit meat. However, it seem to be hit or miss. I have also requested the fresh spring rolls before as vegetarian, only to be told that they all have chicken in them. I was skeptical, since it takes only a couple minutes to freshly make spring rolls. Every dish that I have had is savory, the noodles have never been overcooked, and the golden tofu they use has an pleasant taste to it. The sticky rice is made to the proper texture each time I've had it, and it is easily broken off into smaller bits. The vegetables used in the dishes look and taste very fresh. My only complaint about the food itself is that it tends to be very saucy. The atmosphere looks amazing, and the tables are far enough apart to feel like it is an intimate dinner with your party. However, the music has always been inappropriate for the dining experience. Country music and CDs of former American Idol singers is not pleasant, and distracted me from table conversation. The service is usually very good, but I had issues with my last visit for lunch in late May. Our server was not engaging, and lied about Bopa tea not being available instead of asking another employee. I understand being new to serving, but he seemed afraid to do his job. It was unfortunate, because that experience did not win over my friend, who I was excited to show Jasmine's to. Overall, I would say this place has delicious, fresh food that I recommend. Other than the bad experience, service has always been excellent. Music choice is poor, but compared to the muzak 80s ballads at local competitors, it's ok. —puddleofsick

2010-07-10 00:30:24   restaurant.com coupon convinced me to try jasmine again after 2.5 yrs. Food was better but the service is still a joke. Took 20 minutes for appetizer of papaya salad (boring) and satay to come out. EntrĂ©e arrived quickly thereafter. Waitress had the personality of a wet mop. If you don't like your job, get a different one. Ordered spring rolls mid way through dinner. Took 15 minutes to arrive. Numerous times during the meal i noticed staff cleaning off tables with a windex spray bottle. Sent a lovely scent of ammonia throughout the dining room. Probably against health codes. Owner and wife(?) seem clueless how to run a restaurant. Won't be going back even if i had another coupon. —jmw2323

2010-10-14 13:40:27   Used the restaurant.com coupon I got a while ago. The bill still came out pretty high for the amount of food. My girlfriend and I ordered a spring roll appetizer and got what have to be the tiniest spring rolls I have ever seen which might be because they were fried. But there were only 2 of them which was really weak. My meal was the Seafood Spaghetti which while tasty, didn't seem to use spaghetti noodles. It was what I would call noodles with seafood in a sauce. Nothing great about it. I got one glass of plum wine which was very very good. Service was attentive and very nice though, the one guy kind of is weird since he's so conspicuous when he's walking around and quiet. —DamianKumor

2011-01-28 14:57:05   Lamb Shank with Tom Yum Sauce was very impressive...and Tom Yum Soup is quite authentic...Would recommend to my friends. —lil.lyn

2011-02-15 19:21:41   Just got takeout Pho and tempura prawns, and it's terrible. The Pho didn't include the chilis or meat paste (so it's basically expensive chicken noodle soup) and the "prawns" are just the size of frozen shrimp. So we wasted like $40 for a meal I could have made at home for $10 and probably would have taken less time waiting. —AndyMcQuade

2011-05-01 14:59:05   Please save your money....you can have a better dinner in a different place with a good service. Jasmine owners think they are running a first class restaurant. You are paying for their colorful decorations and presentation of food but not for the taste of it. Why would anyone want to spend 80+ on food here where they can go and have good food at lentos, next door bar & grill even PF Changs. Better food and great service for the amount of money you spend. I have being living in Rochester for nearly 12 years and this is the only place you can spend loads of money on shitty food. —woow

2015-06-22 13:32:37   This place is now closed. It was mentioned in the D&C on 6/22/15. —abraxas