Lucky Garden

Former Location
368 Jefferson Road, Rochester, NY 14623
CLOSED (as of March 2011)

See Gone, But Not Forgotten

It officially opened on August 7, 2010.


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2010-08-17 19:31:44   I went here yesterday and the takeout was absolutely delicious (I ordered the Shredded Beef chinese lunch special). The place was nearly empty, the staff bent over backwards - free drinks, friendly, even gave me two free spring rolls while I was waiting.

Went back again today with two friends and the service was TERRIBLE. 5 people walked out, we were there 30 min and hadn't gotten our order taken yet.

I really think that they're understaffed and, because the place is new, they haven't gotten their acts together yet. My guess is they will. I sure hope so because my food was delicious. Will try again in a week. —ChristopherPiggott

2010-08-25 10:18:54   I went there yesterday and waited over 15 minutes for our order to be taken. First we got the wrong soup and needed to wait an additional 10 minutes for the right ones. After 50 minutes we asked our waiter to check on our order. He returned 5 minutes later to ask what we had ordered so we just left. —MindySmith

2010-09-01 18:07:01   Had lunch there today. Good food, a bit disorganized.

The duck sauce has no sweetness at all, but there is sugar at the table, so I think you are supposed to mix it to your preferred level of sweetness.

My oldest son ordered a mango smoothie. When it had not arrived at the end of the meal, he asked the waiter to cancel it if had not already been made. It was taken off our bill, but two smoothies were put into plastic containers for us as we were leaving. My son said he saw the owner leave in her car early on and return with mangoes.

Verdict: very promising, great attitude, will definitely eat there again - but I'd avoid busy times until they've gotten into the swing of things. —JensFiederer

2010-09-13 08:24:37   The staff and hostess are all very hospitable and generous, and as previous reviewers have said: the staff bent over backwards to serve. I sampled from the Thai selection on the menu, and the red and green curries were absolutely delicious! My girlfriend was craving their Thai curry again this past week, so we ordered takeout from them for ourselves and for some friends on our second visit. All the food was ready upon arrival—and it was still piping hot when we were ready to eat :) Again, the dishes were delectable. I am looking forward to the next visit! —Cherkwai

2010-09-19 22:28:36   Got General Tso's Chicken take-out tonight. Asked for it with all white meat, which was accomodated. It was ready promptly when I got there, came with an extra side of soup on the house, and was quite tasty. I'll definitely be trying them again. —TimCrist

2010-09-27 15:56:24   We love this place! While we agree that the wait staff is kind of disorganized, it is completely forgiven by the taste and quality of the food. Even the simplest dish- egg drop soup- was delectable and packed more flavor than I've ever had in that soup before. The pepper beef was delicious. Tender cuts of meat and veggies with just the right amount of crispness. My moo shoo gets a 9 out of 10. The edges of the pancakes were a little dry. But that was the ONLY negative aspect of our entire meal. The owner's son even took the time to explain to us what the ingredients of the amazingly scented soup at the next table was. It's the house soup, and we'll be getting that next time! They even served those people a huge family sized bowl along with small bowls, so that everyone could try some. He also took the time to explain the hot tea, and why they use a jasmine tea instead of the more traditional yeechi (sp?).

This is our new favorite Chinese place! Dinner plus soups plus drinks for under $25. You can't beat that. —MrsJacobs

2010-12-22 07:18:27   12/21/10 - Terrific food and great service. I had Thai and husband had Chinese. Both were superbly flavored - delicious. Soups were very good, we enjoyed every bite and took home enough for supper that night. Food arrived very quickly and everything was hot and very good. Staff very nice and accomodating to every wish. Finally - really good Asian food in Rochester! —LeeRider

2011-04-06 11:38:02   drove by today, looks like they are now closed, there is a for lease sign out front. —willpowell

2012-08-11 19:19:06   I was a little scared of the waitress we had at our table. She was complaining about her family, and how she tried to commit suicide in her car. My family decided not to come back anymore, considering there we brought children with us... but the food was good! :) —ShaelynJade