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1512 W Ridge Rd, Rochester, NY 14615

See Gone, But Not Forgotten.


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2008-02-29 03:15:02   Lousy food. Dirty. No options really for vegans/vegetarians except salad. —EllaBeeney

2009-11-09 20:12"  Dirty restaurant nestled beside the Goodwill. Came with a large group of althetes - needless to say what happened to them after eating here.No healthy choices to be had-cheap carbs and scary protein. Got my money back and ordered room service-I was the lucky one. —Canadian

2008-11-27 22:12:25   except for maybe the steak cuts, everything is very good. Huge selection of deserts, taco bar, salad bar, and different selections every night.

Nice cozy atmosphere and the place is very clean.

I've been there twice for dinner(including the Thanksgiving Day special they had) and haven't been disappointed yet! I'm a huge fan of the Chinese buffets around Rochester but this is the place to go for American food. Dinner comes out to about $12 after tax which is pretty standard for the buffets in the area. —Drogean

2009-09-10 20:03:21   I had the worst experiences with dining at this place of all the places that I have eaten out at. I have had moldy hamburger buns. That is not acceptable at any place that is selling food. My boyfriend had been in the bathroom the same time as an employee. The employee had finished his business and walked out the door, never washing his hands. Maybe it would be less repulsive if we had not seen where he went after that but he was behind the desert counter tying up his apron. During that dinner, we also had hair in our food as well as dirty utensils. The utensils still had food on them.

Although I do love their mac and cheese, it is obvious that we have not been back and do not plan on going back ever. —MClark