Sheridan's Pub

Former Location
1551 Mt. Hope Ave, Rochester, NY, 14620
Status (as of October 2015)

See Gone, But not forgotten

A "Tax Compliance Agent's Levy" dated October 8, 2015 on the door indicates that the "title and interest of [Sheridan Enterprises, Inc. DBA Sheridan's Pub]" and "all the personal property located on these premises" was seized by the New New York State Department of Taxation and Finance.


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2010-10-06 13:16:19   Had lunch there last month. Really nice-looking inside, reasonable menu, good sandwiches and fries. Main issues were lack of parking (lot can't hold more than five cars, and you can't park on street there) and the f-bomb dropping crew sucking down cold ones at the bar (at lunchtime on a weekday) and seemingly not minding who they offended in an otherwise quiet lunch setting. —bionicsimmons

2010-12-23 14:33:23   Sheridan's is a nice bar. The lack of parking in front is disconcerting, but you can park in the lot across the street in the evenings (I don't know about lunchtime). The food is pretty good, the drinks are affordable, and I like the staff there. It has a nice casual feel, and the place is typically empty enough that you feel like you're hanging out with the bartenders. My voice wears out easily, so I'm grateful for a nice pub where you don't have to yell to be heard. The menu isn't particularly extensive, but I can recommend the shepherd's pie. —GeorgeOliver

2011-06-09 23:55:45   Went here for lunc and had pretty good service. Doesnt seem to get too busy, as far as I know. Decent food as well. —MetalFrost

2011-07-17 19:10:26   Just had a Shepard's pie and a Guinness here, best pie I have had. —mkmclaughlin

2011-12-05 23:36:30   Been here a few times since I used to live nearby. It doesn't look like much from the outside but is actually pretty nice inside. Plenty of places to sit, good music for the most part, nice area for darts, big comfortable patio for the summer months. Staff is very friendly. Decent selection of beer and they pour an excellent guinness. Drinks aren't cheap but not overly expensive either. The food is good, with the wings and fish fry on Fridays being the highlights. Unfortunately, it's location isn't very convient but still worth checking out if you're over in the strong/UR area —Jafedwin

2012-10-06 07:50:07   Friends and I live in the neighborhood, had wondered about Sheridan's for some time and am so glad we finally went. Being Friday, we all had the fish fry, and wow! A HUGE piece of flaky cod (wait person says they get it fresh daily, flown in from Boston), lightly battered with Smithwicks beer, perfectly fried, and so big it was falling off the plate. Came with a huge handful of nicely done french fries. The New England clam chowder, made from scratch, was loaded with potatoes and clam and, and unlike most places, the milk-based broth is not thickened with flour. Very tasty. We all agreed — Sheridan's fish fry is Rochester best kept secret. Friendly service too. —lizdee