On The Rocks

Former Location
1551 Mount Hope Avenue, Rochester NY, 14620
CLOSED (2010)

See Gone, But Not Forgotten

The long and short of it:
regular beers, mix of working class guys, rugby players, students.
great food, friendly staff, great owner.

It is difficult to describe On The Rocks or to pin it down to just one type of place with a specific typical patron. On the one hand you have your blue collar working class Joe who enjoys a cold, cheap beer or 6 (Labatt and Yuengling are on tap) after work, before he drives home towards Henrietta. At the same time you'll see a few 30 yr old buddies sharing a pitcher, playing some darts, and watching something on the big screen. Also, being the closest bar to Strong, the occasional Med Student group will wander in since they all live in the neighborhood. Still, being a main sponsor of the UofR men's rugby club, some contingent of that organization will be present almost any night of the week. Occasionally, one of the rugby players will guest bartend, in which event all hell breaks lose as the bar is full of college students (not the Alexander Street type though, more so the fun loving alcoholics). If you are hoping to run into some ladies at OTR expect to be looking for either some near middle aged nurses from Strong, or any other woman who is just past her prime, but at the same time will spark a conversation with anyone and is usually loud and hilarious after a few drinks.

The owner, Nick, is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet and he'll learn your name within a few visits, just realize that when he tells you "Oh yeah, we are doing something for the ........... (what ever organization you are in) we'll set up some food, drink specials, you show your card blah blah." that this will never happen, though I think he truly wants it to. Great man right there. The bartenders, aside from guest bartenders, are always female and very nice and talkative. Its easy to become a regular. In terms of food, On The Rocks has amazing wings, pretty much as well made as they can be. The also have their own version of a garbage plate called a "land-fill plate" which is certainly satisfying. Anything else fried is tasty, including the homemade potato chips called "saratoga chips." And if you show up often enough, Nick might just give you some for free.


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2009-08-06 13:30:44   ask the owner for some fried dough. its phenomenal! —limeylimer