House of Poon

Former Location
2185 Monroe Avenue, Rochester NY 14618
CLOSED as of 2009

See Gone, but Not Forgotten.


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2006-06-10 19:40:28   Great casual chinese restaurant. Very old-school style, where you can order 2 items from "Group A" and 2 items from "Group B" — put it all on the lazy susan, and have a great familiy feast. —BenMargolis

2007-08-10 07:32:10   I've been to the restaurant once and was very pleased with my choice. We got take out for a lunch function yesterday and we were all very unimpressed! Not much taste and flavor at all! —JcPop

2007-08-10 17:08:54   funniest. business. name. in. rochester. period. —BadFish

2008-06-12 16:46:27   Very Good it is what it is tasty greasy delicious chinese food now you could be like sperlock from "Super Size Me" and say it is killing people but I like to think of it as a mouthwatering, delectable, flavorful scrumptious, finger-licking, lip-smacking, melt-in-your/the-mouth treat.Sorry I just hate the man and the movie! —N8Riley

2008-08-25 19:35:36   Yikes - used to be one of our Chinese food favorites but we were disappointed tonight. We think it might be under new ownership (?) Menu was different and food was very average or maybe even below. —DottieHoffmann

2009-01-21 17:48:35   Whatever you do, don't do a google image search of the restaurant name. A real shame it burned, though. —chhibb

2009-02-25 12:52:13   This was my favorite Chinese restaurant. I hope they reopen. I can't stand comments like "It was intentionally set" with no backing facts. —DaveK

2009-06-10 14:10:31   This was no loss - we stopped going there and/or getting takeout at least 2 years ago. —maureen7

2011-02-24 13:35:09   I was there in January and loved it. The place is remodeled and elegant and the food was delicious. Someone needs to change the description above to show that it has re-opened. —DonnaAccorso

2011-02-24 14:02:41   House of Poon has not re-opened. The physical building is now Bamboo House. The owner of House of Poon now runs New Ming. —TippingPoint