T-Bones Steakhouse

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Former Location
1778 Penfield Rd, Penfield, NY 14526 [Directions]
Status (as of July 31, 2016)

See Gone, but not forgotten


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2013-01-27 18:48:04   We tried T-Bones for dinner last Friday night. We got there around 8 o'clock and the restaurant was not even half full. I ordered the ribeye with sherry mushrooms and the soup of the day, which was butternut squash. My companion ordered the prime rib special with asparagus and au gratin potato plus the risotto of the day, which was sesame pineapple. Meals are served with an unsalted pretzel bread and butter, which was pretty good. My butternut squash soup was under-seasoned but not bad. The sherry mushrooms were my favorite part of the meal. The ribeye was served half covered with a sauce that I can only assume is the house steak sauce. I generally don't like steak sauce and was not happy it was poured over my steak, but it turned out my steak needed it as it was completely unseasoned. I don't consider myself a good cook, but I have enough sense to cook a steak with salt, pepper, and a little butter. I ordered my ribeye rare, but it came out blue. I don't mind blue filet, but ribeye has to be cooked to at least rare. While I was not impressed with my meal, my companion's meal was far, far worse. Sesame pineapple risotto sounded awful and it was. The canned crushed pineapple to risotto ratio was roughly equal and the whole mess was doused in enough sesame oil to leave a bad chinese takeout taste in my mouth. His prime rib was cold. Not cool. Cold. As if they had par-cooked it earlier in the day and finished to order. Since he ordered the prime rib rare, I don't think there was any "finish" other than dousing the entire thing in steak sauce. I have never seen prime rib served covered in steak sauce. Generally it comes with au jus. When the server was telling us about the specials, she did mention that the chef had just changed the price on the prime rib. My companion heard "prime rib" and was hooked. In retrospect, I guess we should have asked why the price was changed. At $26, the price wasn't low enough to make me worry but now I wonder if the prime rib was horrible all night or if we just got the leftovers version of prime rib that had already been put away for the evening. The au gratin potato was alright, but too salty. The service was fine. Our server wasn't bad, but I just didn't care for her. It was off-putting to hear her loudly chastise her assistant for asking us if we wanted dessert. Trust me, no one could have convinced us to order dessert after we had just eaten a terrible meal. Our meals with 2 glasses of wine came to about $100 and left me thinking about the many ways that money could have been put to better use. Sometimes I say I probably won't be back to a restaurant after a lackluster experience. In this case, I can say with complete certainty that I will never be back. —christineh

2013-12-19 11:29:04   My husband and I went to T-bones for lunch and absolutely loved it. He had a Gorgonzola burger and I had a french dip. The quality of the meat on the french dip was excellent and we loved the bun bread that seemed to be made in-house. The prices were excellent and we will definitely return for another lunch date. —MelissaV