Mount Hope Service Center

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1471 Mt. Hope Avenue, Rochester, NY 14620 [Directions]
Hours (as of Novrmber 2011)
Monday - Friday: 7:30AM to 6:00PM
(Saturdays by appointment only. Emergency calls accepted.)
Sunday: Closed
585 461 3120
<carcare AT rochester DOT rr DOT com>

Mount Hope Service Center is a car repair shop in Upper Mount Hope.


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2007-10-18 00:55:04   I've had a few fairly negative experiences with Jeff, the guy who runs this shop, leading me to post this page. I used this shop until recently because of its proximity to Strong, as I'm sure many people do. The first time I brought my car Jeff quotes me a price over the phone. I say fine. Then, when I go to pick up my car, the price has ballooned by over $200. Why, I ask. This was Jeff's reply, "Believe me buddy, if I wanted to screw you on this, I could screw you and you wouldn't even know it." Now I am not a communications specialist, but this does not seem like the sort of information you'd want to disclose to a customer. I guess I could have responded, "Yeah, in the same way I can use my spare set of keys to retrieve my car without paying a dime," but at that point I realized I was not dealing with the most honorable sort of businessman. —WegmansFiend

2007-10-18 00:55:21   Foolishly, I take my car back to Jeff two weeks ago (again, because of the convenience) and I get an astronomical quote. I pay Jeff for his time and retrieve my car. I drive down to Park Ave Mobil where Sam agrees to make the necessary changes (most were not needed) for a third of Jeff’s quoted price. Bottom line: if convenience trumps price, visit Mt. Hope Service Center. But if you’d prefer not being taken for a ride, visit the Park Ave Mobil on Oxford. —WegmansFiend

2007-10-18 07:52:08   I've generally had good experiences here. Jeff's prices do run a little on the high side. During a recent oil change (which came to $40, after windshield washer fluid and various other sundry items were also topped off), I learned that I had four bald tires. He quoted a price of ~$600, plus tax. Pep Boys was able to do the same job for $580 after tax, with an $80 mail-in rebate.

Of course, Pep Boys also improperly balanced the tires during the first three hour visit, so I got to go there and wait a few hours, again. Jeff's work tends to come out right the first time. —DaveMahon

2007-12-07 16:53:04   It was recommended by a friend and I've never been disappointed by Jeff. I can't speak of the prices, as I didn't shop around, though. —AndreaCogliati

2009-08-23 02:35:50   The guy who runs the shop is really a rip off. I can not comment his work because I am not a professional, but he charges twice amount for new tires as pepboys. I do not know how his shop survived so long. —lil.lyn

2011-03-18 19:29:57   long story short, that guy wasn't loved enough as a child or something.

long story long:
my check engine light came on today so i went in and asked if he did engine diagnostics and he said i needed some 90$ test. i said i was looking to use the simple machine you hook up inside for a very general idea of the issue, he goes 'lady i have a $10'000 machine and it doesnt just pay for itself"—i said again i was just looking for the small one just initially as twice in the past i've used it & was something that was clearly minor/irrelevant. so finally he said (essentially) that he could use the alleged $10000 machine to do the initial test, and that would be $50. i said 'okay sorry, I was just looking for the small kind that you can borrow for free from autozone" - I should have backed off before, but i was just trying to relay that i know that option exists for free (id alreayd told him i was getting an oil change); he goes in an incredilbly offensive tone '"so why don't you just go to autozone then?" I apologized and said i wasn't trying to imply i knew more about cars than he did or anything as i was about to turn and go, and he started talking down to me like crazy... so, id understand him getting irritated if he was being at all genuine... but i dunno.
and if he got the impression i was looking for him to do this for free for me—well, i'd already told him i needed an oil change and probably a couple other things.

but all in all, he tried to make a small blonde girl cry, so, what, does this guy go around kicking puppies on the weekend?

at that point i went a mile down the road to clar's elmwood automotive and they did. he was way more genuine and incredibly patient—because ill accept that i was being moderately irritating... im not sure his prices were generally that great, though

...oh, and, in the end, that machine did convey the issue was insignificant —Cali

2012-04-14 13:17:33   I've been taking my cars to Mt. Hope Auto for about as long as I've lived in Rochester. I've sometimes gone elsewhere for convenience sake and always end up regretting it. Jeff's quotes are accurate and he ALWAYS calls if he's encountered something that might raise the estimate to gets approval before doing any extra work. When I asked about snow tires, he gave me quotes on 3 sets that he'd recommended: low end, average range, high end. I brought my Explorer in and he diagnosed that it was a problem with the back springs and then sent me to Thru-Way Springs because they are experts and could probably do the job cheaper than he could because that's their specialty. How many mechanics are honest enough to tell you that you don't need a tune-up or recommend someone who could do the work for less? That's the type of service you get from Mt. Hope: honest, reliable and thorough. Maybe you can go to PepBoys or JiffyLube and get something for a little less but they cut corners and their service isn't as complete. I depend on my vehicles too much to save $5 at one of those chains because I know that I'll end up paying a LOT more for a tow and getting it fixed by a competent mechanic. —TriciaMolloy

2013-01-17 22:45:33   I've been going to see Jeff at Mount Hope Service Center for over three years. Many of these times Jeff has helped me out of an auto jam by going way beyond the call of duty. I've delt with mechanics for my entire life as most people do but I have been in the sales business for over 10 years, rack up an amazing number of miles on my car and have needed service for my cars frequently. I've dealt with many mechanics from independents to dealers and what keeps me coming back to Jeff is that he is accurate with his diagnostics (often times as soon as I've dropped the car by with the problem), his estimates are fair, he repairs my car in a quick time frame, and he is always thorough. Times when estimates have gone over it has been good reason but I always get my car back driving in its peak condition. I can't tell you how many times I've waited over a half a day waiting to find out the problem or when I get my car back the problem still lingers or there is even something new that is wrong with the car. This has never happened with Jeff. The car comes back and I don't have to worry about again until the miles have taken their toll. I've always known that Jeff was not the cheapest service in town but I've always gotten from him the best service in town (or at least in my long experience). If you want to save a buck, shop around and take your chances but if you want a fair price and you car to be returned to you in the best possible condition then you should strongly consider going to Mount Hope Service Center. Highly recommended. —CurtisJEaton

2013-04-27 12:34:17   The Mt. Hope Service Center just saved me over $1000.00 in repairs. My AAA recommended the shop along with some others. I am so glad I found competant mechanics.