Webb's Café & Grill

Former Location
309 University Ave, Rochester NY, 14607
CLOSED as of September 2009

See Gone, But Not Forgotten


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2008-07-07 14:33:54   I'm a frequent visitor to RocWiki but I had to sign up so I could comment/rave about this new restaurant.

Honestly, this is one of the best breakfast places in the city (I haven't tried their lunches yet.) I used to do breakfast only at Jines but Webb's is something truly unique and, most importantly, delicious. They don't have the extensive menu that Jines does but what they do have is top-notch wonderful. The owner, Eleanor, is also extremely friendly.

There is ample parking and the ambience is that of a small diner. It's very clean and bright and I really can't say enough great things about it. We have a lot of great places to eat in Rochester and now we have another and I couldn't be happier. —JeffD

2009-01-01 10:12:05   Two words: Good coffee. Top that with tasty hot food with a southern flair, a cheery and warm environment, and a central location and you have a new breakfast favorite for Rochester. I have tried a number of menu items, and been quite happy with them all. A great addition to the downtown scene. —MantraSix

2009-01-01 12:00:34   One of the best diners in the city, with more than reasonable prices. —CorganaSmith

2009-01-01 12:16:07   Love this place! Great food, warm, friendly atmosphere, nice location. Little touches make this place stand out- real maple syrup (or Ms. Butterworth if you prefer!), authentic grits, fresh fruit as a side option, good coffee. —LeGrandChien

2009-01-26 20:08:07   This place really impressed me. My friend had breakfast — wonderful buttermilk pancakes and fluffy grits (a hard-to-find dish in Rochester) — and I had a delicious reuben for lunch with a side of cucumber-dill salad. Topped it all off with delicious sweet tea (another one that's hard to get up here!), and we'll be coming back to sample the desserts. A wonderful addition to the area. —AliMcGhee

2009-04-06 12:16:01   I signed up recently to Roc Wiki, although I have used this site as a reference many times. I wanted to add my name to the list of fans of this place. The food is really good, and homemade. The service is very friendly, and their iced tea and coffee are second to none.

I have yet to have a disappointing meal in this place, and I visit it often.

One more thing, try the oatmeal creme brule... —EmRosario

2009-05-15 01:47:48   I love this cafe. It's got the best food, it's clean, and the staff is so friendly they remember you name or at least smile and greet you from where ever they are in the place. It's better than Highland...Better than Southwedge...As I said, I love it. Did I mention it's cheap!?! —HannahAnderson

2009-09-29 11:19:16   Tragedy: Webb's will be closing on account of failure to renegotiate their lease for a new term. —RobertPolyn

2009-10-02 17:04:59   Webb's is closed - drove by yesterday and saw the signs. Too bad because they had good food. Maybe they'll open in a new location... —NoBS

2009-10-04 10:18:43   Dear Beloved patrons of Webb's Cafe: Sadly, Jim and I have closed. We were unable to re-negotiate our lease with the landlord. We can't begin to thank you all for an absolutely wonderful year of getting to know so many awesome people. We are already missing EVERY ONE! We hope you'll remember the peaceful atmosphere with family and friends, the love we tried to share (and Jim's good cooking)! We had such a great time serving you, we really did. Love to everyone! Keep in touch! webbscafeandgrill@gmail.com. ellie and Jim. —EllieAndJim

2009-10-09 14:42:48   Learning about their closing makes me very sad. I wish them luck, hopefully they'll be able to open somewhere else —EmRosario

2010-10-14 16:51:47   Drove by today around 1 PM and a new eatery, Red Jalapeño Café, now occupies this building. "Open" sign was not lit but the lights were on and people were moving around a not-obviously-unfinished space. —MarkJackson