Scotland Yard Pub

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ScotlandYard.jpgScotland Yard Pub Store Front

Former Location
187 St. Paul Street, Rochester NY, 14604 [Directions]
Status (as of December 22, 2018)

See Gone, but not forgotten


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2009-11-11 15:39:35   Stopped by Scotland Yard last Saturday to check it out. I think it's great that the owners are giving it a go downtown. The interior is quite nice, has a lot of character and is very inviting. There's a full bar and some decent wine selections. However the beer selection is abysmal. I really think that with the growth of craft beer that there is a missed opportunity here. I don't know why I'm surprised by this, maybe I shouldn't be. —jjjingleheimer

2009-11-15 16:22:58   This has quickly turned into one of my favorite places in town. The staff is friendly, the bartenders are great, and the food was surprisingly good. 10 wings for 6 bucks was a hell of a deal imho, the pizza was excellent. As far as the beer goes, the only "abysmal" beer on their tap is Blue Light, and you have to have something to please the masses. #9, Bass, Rohrbach Scotch Ale, Harp, Guinness are just a few on the list. Look for me at the bar - i'm the Pittsburgh Penguins fan (and sabres, of course) :) —Pensown

2009-11-16 18:24:58   Like the place, pretty relaxed atmosphere with nice decor. Tried the mushroom pizza, which was pretty good. Gotta give kudos to the owners, as they opened this place in the St. Paul Quarter, an area not known for the clientele they intend to attract, so hopefully it will fill a void. Just wish they had pitchers. —TippingPoint

2010-05-19 15:29:07   I went there after work on Monday and was very impressed. The place is gorgeous: it has one of the most stunning bars I've seen in Rochester. Tried the calamari and Dragon Wings; both were fantastic. The bartender was friendly and poured a strong drink. I intend to make this one of my regular spots! —KristyGlick

2010-12-12 13:11:54   Went here on a Friday night and was pleasantly surprised. Warm cozy atmosphere, with a fireplace and comfy chairs. Friendly service. The BBQ chicken pizza was out of this world, and with side salads was large enough for my husband and I to share. I agree with jjjingleheimer - the only way this place could be improved is the addition of more craft beers (Shock Top and Smithwick's don't count). I was pleased to see Rohrbach's at least, though. Regardless, I'll definitely be back for the pizza and ambiance! —AJH

2011-06-21 20:55:05   Spent a few hours there tonight - all the reviews about atmosphere and friendly staff are on the money. Beer selection has improved apparently, they had two Rochboachs, a local craft beer from 3 Heads, and other high end beers. Absolutely one of the hidden gems! —ShawnRyan

2011-06-21 21:08:18   Went ther for the first time today. Had a free pizza party for our staff and the pizza was amazing. Tony D's got nothin on this joint. :) The staff was great and the atmosphere is a unique and comfortable feeling that made me feel right at home. I hear they will be doing more live bands ad events. I hope this Pub does well. I will be back for sure. —TimBrewer

2011-11-05 10:52:09   As per my previous comment, last night (a Friday) I attempted to return to Scotland Yard for the great pizza and ambiance. However, the entire place was CLOSED for a private party! There was no mention of this on the events page of their website, or anywhere on their website for that matter. I was enormously disappointed, particularly since I live in Honeoye Falls and had driven up to the city specifically wanting to go to Scotland Yard. So if this place is out of your way, I’d recommend calling before going. Scotland Yard, if you’re going to be closed on one of the busiest nights of the week, why not at least note this on your website? —AJH

2011-11-11 21:05:41   Best bar food/wings I've had in Rochester. Not to mention they have a great assortment of beers on their menu/on tap. I will definitely be back!!! —JStone

2011-11-21 20:09:57   I work near this place and I just wanted to set the record straight they have great local bear. Fir time I went there Three heads the Kind on Tap, Rohrbachs on Tap. And I order food from there regularly and the portions are always more than generous and blows anything else that's open at night around here out of the water. —Eamon

2017-03-16 16:11:08   Went here for the first time a few months back. Cool spot, and the pizza was great. Food is expensive for a pub, for sure. But it was good. —DE