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Former Location
155 Pattonwood Dr, Rochester, NY 14617 [Directions]
Status (as of December 2016)

See Gone, but not forgotten


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2008-05-11 21:51:51   Good food, but they don't honor the advertised hours. Today, Mother's day, my wife and I went in (a party of 2) at 7:20pm and they turned us away! They advertised they were taking people till 8:00pm! WOW! We were falbbergasted! There were several tables that were open and they told us they "could not take anymore" - the restaurant was only half full. We even saw 2 more names on the reservation list. No explaination, just 'we can't take anymore'. We were offended. Terrible way to treat a regular. Bad customer service! —WilliamSmyth

2008-12-17 17:13:31   Hey, it's their restaurant. —Mike

2009-08-20 11:18:15   I had dinner there about 2 weeks ago with my father and I was very pleased with my food. I ordered greens and beans over gnocchis (even though it was not on the menu) and they had no problem accomodating my request. My father had the calamari marinara and that was great as well. We had leftover and they were great for lunch the next day. Our bill came to about $20 wiht our 2 entrees (no drinks, no appetizers) Great food, nice looking restaurant inside (not too big) and great location. They even have tripe on their menu...I look forward to trying that when I go there agian. It was a great experience :) —limeylimer

2010-09-12 16:58:18   new Carpani's —CJBarnhart

2012-01-13 16:19:14   I have lived in Italy twice, once for 2 years and once for 4 months. Carpanis is the closest thing I have found in Rochester to REAL Italian food. I love their gnocchi and their sautéed calamari. Try their linguini with white clam sauce. It's the real thing. I have always been treated very well. I can't say enough good about this restaurant. —JoeCatanise

2012-08-13 12:01:31   Great Restaurant! Best Food...large portions, always enough to take some home. Great prices, nice atmosphere, wonderful owner and staff. Best Gnocchi's in town, but everything is great! Best keep secret in Rochester! —DonnaPritchard