Favitta's Family Pizzeria

Former Location
2513 East Henrietta Road, Rochester NY, 14623
CLOSED in 2008

See Gone, But not Forgotten.


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2008-02-13 15:13:03   Pizzaria sells $8000 pizza! [WWW]http://rochesterhomepage.net/content/fulltext/?cid=14510

While I can't comment on what the pizza tastes like, I can definately say they've come up with a great marketing idea! I'm actually getting ready to call them to see if they'll sell just the heart-shaped pizza... —DawnNicoleJohnson

2008-02-13 15:14:56   Oh, they do sell just the pizza - great idea for Valentine's Day! —DawnNicoleJohnson

2008-08-15 12:45:25   According to their website [WWW]http://www.favittaspizza.com , they have closed. —TippingPoint