The Blossom Road Pub


Former Location
198 North Winton Road, Rochester, NY 14610
Status (as of June 11 2023)

See Gone, but not forgotten


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2016-10-06 10:53:21   There's something about this place I don't like that I can't put my finger on. I think it is the combination of decor or perhaps its clientele. I don't think Gastropub is the right term for this place, as it's a bit too much of a dive for that and the beer selection is good, but not great. Not a lot on tap. The menu always looks good, though. I've eaten a couple appetizers there, but not enough to really judge the food by overall. The place has been busy each time I've been there, though. —DE

2016-10-06 13:08:30   Not sure this is really a gastropub. Nowhere on their website do they describe themselves as one. Also, they do serve full meals and your average American bar food. The interior does not seem too pub-like, either. —badfish