Yummy Cafe

Former Location
2411 West Henrietta Road, Brighton, NY 14623
CLOSED (as of 5/4/2010)

[WWW]5/5/2010 D&C article about the party they threw that ended up with the owners being arrested.

See Gone, But Not Forgotten


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2009-05-08 23:07:09   This place is not even close to being open. I visited today and they were definitely closed and did not look ready to operate. —OneLove

2009-07-04 09:56:53   They have a big dining area (with the same tables from when it was Chen Garden), but they're really just a takeout place. You can eat in the dining room, but you'll be eating with plasticware and no waitress. They said that's why they called it "Cafe" not "Restaurant". Maybe the location sat empty for so long that the rent became cheap enough to justify all that unused space, or maybe they're just starting with takeout and will eventually use the dining area when they can afford a wait staff. In spite of the lack of atmosphere, we both had Thai food (phat phet and prik pao), and it was very good, so we'll probably try them again, just via takeout. —McgMatt

2009-09-06 20:44:34   Super delicious! I got the tofu panang and my husband ordered chicken cashew. The delivery was within half an hour. Just one word of warning: The items on the menu that are denoted as spicy REALLY are spicy. I ordered the panang the way it normally comes with 'one' pepper rating and it seems to be the equivalent of The King and I's 3 star spicy... and I like spicy! —bananarama

2009-10-13 14:08:44   Not too impressed with their Chinese food, but the Thai they do is definitely good —AGoldman

2009-12-07 17:55:08   Went there for takeout the other night and didn't really like what I ordered. I ordered steamed dumplings, an egg roll, wonton soup, and bourbon chicken. The dumplings had an ok taste, but they smelled like a stinky foot for some reason. It might have been the dumpling sauce, but the smell was so bad that I didn't want to eat them. The egg roll was fine and the best thing about the meal. The soup was pretty standard with no frills- 2 wontons in broth. The bourbon chicken had no flavor to me. I keep hearing the Thai is good, but what I had was not worth coming back for. It was also really cold while waiting in the restaurant for some reason. They have a few tables to sit at, but it was cold. —JJohnson

2009-12-27 21:55:09   My partner and I both ordered off the Thai menu and enjoyed our meals. The spring rolls and lemongrass soup were especially good. The staff is very friendly and attentive. This is not the place to go if you're looking for ambiance, but it's a good spot for takeout or casual dining. —JohnBrach

2010-05-04 16:19:27   Closed as of 5/4/10. Selling Alcohol at after hours parties and strippers. —NewtonNola