Former Location
655 Monroe Ave, Rochester, NY 14607
Closed (as of October 2015)

See Gone, But Not Forgotten

They closed in October 2015.

Park Ave Photos (Old)

pointer.jpgPointing to the alcohol, Sept. 2011. (Park Avenue) Prepps.jpg2009


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2012-09-04 07:44:24   Has anyone been here yet? The old Prepps was popular because of the location, you could have just put a keg in that back lot and people would go there. This sounds just like Oxford's, which is right across the street —PDub

2012-09-05 07:54:32   There is another bar in place of the old Pr*pps (can't seem to call it that without getting deleted), anyone know what it's called or have any details? I've been a couple of times but I will admit I was a bit foggy and didn't catch the name. —PDub

2012-09-10 20:16:43   There is no name yet to the new bar at the old location. They are either still deciding on one, or they just don't care since people will go there based on the location. —DE

2012-10-22 10:13:55   The new name for the old location is "the publick house" —DE