Former Location
687 Moseley Rd, Fairport, NY 14450
CLOSED as of September 2009
Details: Restaurant has been "seized" by officials

See Gone, But Not Forgotten.



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2009-06-20 16:47:28   ABYSMAL: We had been to Mykonos when it was in Brighton and found it reasonable. Today we went to the new location for lunch. The restaurant has gotten pretentious - faux upscale - with square plates and prices like 8 and 9.5. I had a gyros pita and my husband had a gyros platter. The gyros meat was too salty and of a strange consistency. There were no onions or tomatoes in my sandwich. I took the onions from my husband's salad and asked for some tomato. I was given a dish of wilted chopped tomatoes, which I was charged 50 cents extra for. The gyros and Greek salad were both made with iceberg lettuce - yuck! Instead of fries, I got green beans — tasted like canned green beans with canned tomatoes. My husband's dish came with "lemon potatoes" — more like super-salty chicken-broth potatoes. His meal came with a dessert so we tried the rice pudding — cloyingly sweet and thickened with what seemed like gelatin. If you're looking for good Greek food in Rochester, I recommend you look elsewhere. —CherylDugas

2009-06-21 20:47:12   It was in the Village Gate before it went to Brighton, then Fairport. Going down hill all the way. —ThomasPawlik

2009-08-18 13:39:43   What happened to the Mykonos in Fairport? I drove past yesterday and it seems like they either changed the name (Plaka?) or it has gone out of business and quickly turned over to a new restaurant. Anyone know anything about this??? —MerCDotes

2009-09-14 15:53:21   It's the same place and food and people... they just changed the name to Plaka for some reason... —Abraxas

2009-09-30 18:17:08   Drove by Plaka today. There's big orange signs in the windows that read "SEIZED"... didn't drive up for a closer look, but it doesn't bode well.

2012-10-10 16:50:07   The Fairport Mykonos is now Denny's. —LtPowers