Duff's Famous Wings


Former Location
2425 West Henrietta Road, Rochester NY, 14623
Status (as of December 27, 2020)

See Gone, but not forgotten


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2016-01-02 19:09:20   Went for lunch this afternoon, had 10 med, with a loganberry. The wings and sauce were great, same quality as the Sheridan Drive location. Think their blue cheese also sets them apart. —bayton

2016-09-25 18:37:36   Ate here for lunch with a good friend: we are both Jeremiah's fans, but Jeremiah's has been going downhill for a while. Well, let me just tell you: we were in ecstasy eating our wings yesterday. I got the medium, which was perfect for me as I haven't been eating so much hot food lately: my companion got medium hot and was very happy with that. We both tend to order hot, but we backed off and are very glad we did. The wings were cooked to perfection, and the sauce was unreal. OMG. So damned good! Loved the celery and carrots on the side, too. As good if not better than at the Sheridan location, which is where I first ate Duff's wings while in graduate school at UB. —KatieSchmitz

2017-03-27 10:51:17   People, if you love Buffalo-style chicken wings, you need to get over to Duff's to keep it in business. I was there a week ago on St. Patrick's Day, and the place was not nearly as full as it should be. The wings here are cooked to perfection, and the sauce is truly delicious. Superior to Jeremiah's. If you like crazy flavors of sauces, the Distillery is your venue, but if you like honest Buffalo wings, go to Duff's immediately. Great, great food here, and nice selection of beers on tap. —KatieSchmitz

2020-12-11 11:02:08   Rochester location closing December 27. —markjackson