West Henrietta Road

Travels south through Brighton, Henrietta, Rush and into Livingston County
North - Interstate 390
South - East Avon Lima Road

West Henrietta Road is a heavily traveled north-south suburban route located primarily in southern Monroe County. It originates in the City of Rochester as Mt. Hope Avenue but turns into West Henrietta once it enters the Town of Brighton at the intersection with I-390. For the most part it is heavily commercial, especially in Henrietta north of the Thruway, but is largely farmland in Rush.

Traffic in the Marketplace Mall area can be very heavy, especially in the holiday season. The section of road that passes through Henrietta and Brighton - particularly between Jefferson Road and Crittenden Road - is designed to discourage pedestrians and bicyclists.

Businesses or Attractions on or near West Henrietta Road


Route 15 hubcaps.jpgjust a few of the many at the border

West Henrietta Road as Route 15

You can stay on this road all the way to Wayland, where it turns into Rt. 390 at exit 3.

West Henrietta Road as Route 253

The roadway near the Thruway is also marked as Route 253.

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