RIT Inn and Conference Center

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5257 West Henrietta Road, Henrietta NY, 14467 [Directions]
585 359 1800

The RIT Inn and Conference Center is a hotel and banquet facility owned by Rochester Institute of Technology, and located on West Henrietta Road in Henrietta.

The hotel is comprised of five floors, containing 305 rooms and 12 conference rooms. Amenities include indoor and outdoor pools, sauna, and whirlpool, a fitness center, and high speed internet access.


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2007-07-26 14:17:03   The indoor pool and hot tub is open to all RIT students to use, though a lot of people don't know that. —AlexanderGartley

2009-09-20 10:46:18   This place would be better served as a parking lot. I recently stayed there and let me tell you don't waste your time and money on this craphole. What they don't tell you is that the 'hotel' more like ho-tel or motel doubles as a college dorm for overflow students from RIT. So you have all that to deal with, the noise and stupid college students making a mess of the place and random fire alarms in the middle of the night. In it's prime this used to be a very nice Mariott however since they donated it to RIT it has just gone downhill. The place is run down and needs a facelift or an air strike. The staff is rude and doesn't seem to care much about you except for one at the Front Desk by the name of Eric and the sweetest bartender Jackie. The rest don't seem to care much about you at all. The rooms were apparently just renovated the only thing that i can tell that is new are the flat panel tv's in each room the rest looks like it was decorated by Martha Stewarts evil meth addicted twin who thinks that everything should be brown like poop. Yes poop describes everything this hotel has to offer. Including the food it is okay but wayyyyy overpriced for what it is. Anything that comes out of a freezer and directly into a deep fryer shouldn't be more than ten bucks. So my review of this place is to steer clear of the RIT Inn and Conference Center. :) —Pendulum

2010-01-04 23:48:56   If you're a RIT student its well known that the Inn is backup housing for students so in Fall and Winter you can expect a lot of the rooms to be students. —DamianKumor