Wild Grill and Bar

Former Location
79 State Street, Rochester, NY 14614
CLOSED (as of 2010)

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Bad food, bad service. I went in during lunch because my favorite vegetarian downtown eatery was temporarily closed and I had seen the menu online for this restaurant and saw that there was a decent number of tofu dishes. I went in and they had the lunch buffet set up. The first sign I should have just turned around and left was the "greeter/hostess" character who just said to go anywhere I wanted to sit. I took a look around at the food that was prepared and I saw one real vegetarian dish, just tofu and vegetables. Nothing exciting there. So, I asked the lady if I could see a menu. She rudely demanded why, I explained that I was unimpressed by the vegetarian selections available in the buffet. She was incredulous and took me around the buffet, rudely pointing out veggie fried rice, green beans, mushrooms, and veggie egg rolls as if I was an imbecile and didn't understand that they were vegetables. All I wanted was maybe some sesame tofu or something like that but at this point, I had already spent almost half of my lunch hour riding my bike around looking for a place to eat, so I begrudgingly got a plate and started to fill it up. I sat at an empty table, and realized that there wasn't silverware. I got back up and started looking around for silverware. Another customer, probably a regular, knew of the secret place in the corner where they keep them and got one for me when she saw me looking around. I sat back down, and realized that I didn't have a drink either. I saw that they had one person just going around taking drink orders for all the tables and then taking her sweet time bringing them drinks, between answering the phone and packing up food for take out. I finally was able to flag her down and ask for a drink, and she eventually brought it to me, after answering the phone and packing up more food for take out. The food was terrible, some of the worst "chinese" I have ever had. I barely finished my plate, only because I was so hungry. Eventually, I got up to pay at the counter, and it took another 5-10 minutes for the lady to come back and ring me out. I almost just walked out because I was sick of the service and sick of waiting. By the time she rang me out there was another guy waiting behind me to also check out, and the brilliant hostess assumed we were together and rang me up for two meals. After I explained that I was there by myself she fixed it and acted like I was the idiot. Never going back here, avoid this place at all costs! —JoeyMac

2008-02-25 08:16:14   Took over two hours for delivery (with an estimated time of 60 minutes). After several calls the delivery finally arrive, and when we open up the food, we see no sweet & sour sauce for the chicken, just bad chicken. The rest of the food was pretty terrible too, especially the sushi rolls. —GinaBenedetti

2008-08-06 14:43:51   Enticed by a fairly nice-looking exterior (signage, sunroom area) I went here today for lunch. Simply horrific. One of the hostesses was visibly and audibly sick (she wouldn't shut up about it), yet still handling drinks and making sushi. The other hostess was wearing sweatpants with a workout top and looked like she had woken up solely for what limited lunch 'crowd' they had. Saying anything about their horrific food would only be wasting my time and yours - don't go to this restaurant, EVER! —Welchrock

2008-11-04 14:13:12   Ordered take out from then twice and tried their lunch buffet (about $6). They advertise a dinner buffet on weekends but its only in the summer months.

Wings - they have pretty decent wings believe it or not. I tried the sweet and sour and bbq wings. Pretty nice.
General Tso's - not bad, pretty spicy. Not the best though.

Lunch Buffet- small selection overall. Theres 2 carts with about 10 dishes on each. Felt like a pretty limited selection of meat though. 3 types of egg-rolls were taking up lots of room! Theres also salad bar but who really goes to the salad bar at a chinese buffet?
Food was alright, nothing special, but its cheap. —Drogean

2009-02-26 12:34:28   We went for dinner and should've left immediately when we realized there were no other customers there. Instead, we ordered 2 "econo-combos" which are two half-size portions of an entree, rice or lo mein, and a small cup of soup for $5.95. Between the two of us, we got 2 small portions of sesame chicken, 1 general tso's chicken, 1 beef with broccoli, white rice, vegetable lo mein, wonton soup, and hot & sour soup. We also ordered hot tea, which was very weak. The food was pretty bland and only lukewarm, but given the price it wasn't too bad. Until we found bones (several!) in our sesame chicken. At that point we stopped eating and decided to leave. Slow service overall. —bqkali

2010-01-28 18:46:18   I decided to write a comment here in the middle of my dinner. I ordered a pizza from Wild Grill and Bar because the price was so great. 9.99 for a 16"! Big Mistake!!! Not only is this the most disgusting pizza I've ever had... it is easily the worse food I've ever had. Also, picking up this pizza from the restaurant was scary to say the least. Very unfriendly and the place smelled like stale beer and hookers. Don't think twice... DO NOT EAT AT WILD GRILL AND BAR! —SebastianHill

2010-02-27 15:54:00   NEVER ORDER FROM HERE! We placed our order last night at 9:30 and the delivery time was 45 min to 1 hour. At 10:48 we called back and they said it was on its way. They closed at 11:00. We finally received our order at 11:45pm. The driver apologized and ASSURED us we could get a discount with our next order. We then realized that part of our order was missing, so we called this afternoon and they were unwilling to replace the order that was wrong or give us any kind of discount using the excuse that they were "very busy" and they lost money that previous night. The man told us that the delivery driver did not come in to work until 5pm and that we would have to call back and speak with her. Toward the end of the conversation, he claimed that he just spoke with her and she denied ever saying anything about a discount. So she must have "conveniently" appeared at work. The man we spoke with repeatedly put us on hold and grew increasingly agitated when we pressed him for information and asked for them to fix the problem and keep their word about replacing our order. They finally HUNG UP ON US when we asked for the name of the manager, so they never did anything to redeem themselves and we are left paying for a order that was never complete. We will be disputing this charge with the bank and will never be ordering from there again. We would NEVER recommend this place to anyone! —KristenLouth

2010-06-19 20:45:18   Frightening experience! DO NOT EAT FROM HERE! I wish I came to RocWiki first. I ordered take out to pick up. From the outright looks of the place, it seems nice and clean, so I was hoping the extra half hour wait would be worth it. As I continued to wait double the time they stated on the phone, I got a great look at the local wildlife. I'm not sure I have ever seen a cockroach as big as the one that strolled by me. As put off by this as we were, we were hungry enough to take the food. I did not eat enough to say it was terrible. As far as I could tell, it did not contain cockroaches, and so far I have not experienced any adverse reactions, but my order was incorrect anyway. And the FORTUNE COOKIE CONTAINED NO FORTUNE! WTF?!! —dsapplegate

2010-10-29 15:04:43   personally, this is my favorite place to eat in all of rochester. i dont know about the service, but i love the food. ive never ordered delivery, i have gone to the buffet which is incredibly cheap (like $4 a pound for take out or 6$ sit in for lunch) and its kind of small, but for $6 you can get a single dish at any restaurant, so... my favorite part about this place is that it is the only ones in rochester ive encountered yet(out of 5-10 ive tried) that make tolerable pad thai. I am from massachusetts and havent found a parallel to that made there but it is pretty good here, and only 7.50ish if you pick up for a huuuuge amount. i usually order pick up but ive sat in a few times and brought friends and family and i havent known a person to not like it. I definitely noticed how dead it was, though, which i always thought was weird considering to me their food was great and prices so low! —Cali

2011-04-15 22:31:52   I used to go to this place with a group of co-workers when it was called Wild Grill and Bar (and, before then when it was called Yangtze). The atmosphere was dank and uninviting, and the food at the buffet looked like it had been sitting out for quite a while, but hey, it was cheap. I gave it up when I got some crab rangoons and the cream cheese had gone sour.

Whatever this place is called now, you'd probably do well to avoid it. —DeanRzonca