Former Location
290 Exchange Blvd, Rochester NY, 14608
CLOSED (as of March 2011)

See Gone, but Not Forgotten

Aladdin's Natural Eatery briefly resided in this location from May 2011 to September 2012.


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2008-05-23 17:01:19   I ordered take-out pad thai from here at lunchtime. I was not impressed. First of all, the noodles were colored pepto-bismol pink. After eating, I felt as though I needed some pepto myself. The dish was simply too sweet. The only other flavor I got was a tiny bit of heat/spice. There was no salty flavor to balance the sweer, nor the hint of sour that I associate with good pad thai. The noodles were greasy and soggy. The veggies were undercooked. The tofu was too rubbery, not firm enough, and lacking the crispiness of what I associate with good stir-fry. I was disappointed. Your mileage may vary. —jpdjoe

2008-06-13 15:45:50   As a resident of Corn Hill, my wife and I tried this place out. Not only was the food repugnant, the service was worse. After a brief dialog with the server in regards to the horrible experience, we were told "I sorry, you leave if you want" And we did just that. I threw a $20 on the table and walked out. —JK44

2008-08-25 17:46:11   I have eaten here a few times and enjoy sitting outside along the river. The food is good, not great. I would prefer more spices, it is a little bland. I like Siam for lunch because they serve you quckly and you can get back to work on time if you only have an hour. For dinner, they serve you the same as for lunch so if you want to linger over a glass of wine before dinner you may not like Siam. Even when I 'v asked them to not bring the food right out, or order appetizers , they bring your dinner within a few minutes of ordering it. So I usually come only for lunch. —FGeorge

2008-10-16 11:24:33   Great location...sitting outside is fantastic. The food was very good also. Some of the best crab rangoons I've had. Can't wait to go back. —ChampsElysses

2008-11-24 10:04:04   This place is terrible. The food is very bland and also overpriced, and the menu is tiny. The noodle dishes are too greasy and the curry dishes have very little spice. Also lame: the specials, on the night I was there (11/22), were just Chinese takeout food (a hint as to the background of the chefs cooking "Thai food" here). The only thing Siam has going for it is the location, which is quite nice. I would not come here again. Phuket is much better, but alas, it's in Webster. —OwenThompson

2009-01-12 22:09:57   My fiance and I ate here for the third time tonight and we were, once again, very happy with every aspect of our experience. The food isn't drowning in salt and the prices are decent. —BatGuano

2009-05-29 17:58:22   Great location, horrible food. I've only been there once, but it was hands down the worst Thai food I've ever had. The Pad Thai was flavorless and the curry dish was watery. —MaryAnneSchnarkles

2009-08-15 17:58:02   Great Locale, beautiful interior, fast prep, disgusting food, poor service. I went for lunch at 2 pm on a Saturday and, even though I was only one of 3 customers, I was practically ignored. Being a vegan, I ordered the Vegetarian Crazy Noodles. The ingredients were of very high quality, but who ever put them together knew very little about cooking. The tofu tasted as if it had been marinated in water and the vegetables were dull, the overall dish being bland and simply gross. It's sad when I could tell that the ingredients were high quality too, but not combined well. I hope I just got them on a bad day with a new cook, but they need to learn how to use spices and prepare tofu. —Kyara

2009-08-15 18:00:32   Oh! To supplement my comment, half the reason I got the Crazy Noodles is because it boasted of "colorful peppers" and there was not one pepper in my dish. Overall, a very disappointing lunch. —Kyara

2010-01-04 15:50:34   I wish I had checked this page before going to this place. Menu was interesting but food was terrible. Cold, greasy and the meat seemed very 'pungent'. I am sure that Monday lunch isn't the best time to eat in any place but judging on this experience I won't be back. The Tom Yum was just about passable but the beef dish I had was just about the worst Asian food I have ever had —sieats