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2006-10-05 11:16:40   I was going to go for dinner the other night but got scared away because it appeared that all seating was up a flight of stairs and I'm currently on crutches. Turns out there is some seating on the main level. Anyway, I ended up getting take-out last night and it was great. I can't wait to actually eat there some night! —RachelBlumenthal

2006-10-06 07:50:10   Rachel's Beef Panang had a kick! It was a delightful sweet and spicy flavor. The meat was higher quality than most asian restaurants. The basil beef was garlicky. —BenMargolis

2006-10-09 07:13:27   As noted above, the decor is delightful (the owner proudly told us his wife decorated the place). When we turned to the menu I immediately noticed was much smaller that all other Thai restaurants I have been to, but as the meal progressed it became clear that they excelled at all of the items on the small list. The crispy squid appetizer was wonderful, with full pieces of squid rather than the mound of rings you normally get in a restaurant, and came with some pickled veggies on the side. The fried tofu was well executed but not to our liking. Next came the coconut soup which had a delicate flavor and a thicker consistency than others. The curry was the star of the show with a blend of perfectly crisp fresh vegetables, intricate spices and broth. My only complaint was spoty service, though the servers were all trying very hard (and they had two flights of stairs to contend with!). Siam has only been open for one week and think the service will get better with time. —EllenKelsey

2006-10-25 18:11:40   I agree with Ellen's review—great decor and small menu but excellent food. The service was great when I was there. The food came out within minutes of ordering it. I ordered the Beef Salad, which was covered with a very nice blend of herbs and spices. BenMargolis got the jungle shrimp dish and it was excellent. My only complaint is that it was difficult to find parking. There was plenty all the way across the street at Nathaniel's, but I didn't want to hobble that far on my crutches :) Anyway, the restaurant is off to an excellent start. I'd like to see an expanded menu over time, but for now, what they have is great. I'll definitely be back. —RachelBlumenthal

2006-11-30 12:35:14   I am a self-confessed Thai food snob, having moved here from the great Northwest, and I have to say, the panang curry at Siam is among the best that I've ever had. I was soooo happy to find a good one here. The restaurant is chic and cute, but affordable, and the service was excellent. The presentation of the food was great, too. Overall, definitely a quality dining experience! Highly recommended. —DulcineaEsq

2007-02-06 15:15:54   Had a nice meal here last weekend. The decor is very modern and well-thought-out. Little design details like the uneven bars along the stairs, and the uniquely shaped serving plates added visual interest to the surroundings. My panang curry with tofu was well done, with firm vegetables, a fragrant sauce, and lightly-fried tofu. My companion's dish of beef with veggies and basil was nicely spiced and delicious. Our entrees were a little less spicy (in terms of heat) than we have had before. Siam doesn't use the star-system that other Thai restaurants like Esan and Pattaya. Don't take this to mean that our dishes were mild though - there were plenty of other flavors going on in place of the heat. Looks like Wayne Luong can't miss. —EastSideStephen

2007-03-23 08:30:54   Ate here the week it opened and the food was very bland. I ordered my food with extra spice and there was none to be found. —KimBee

2007-03-25 00:23:56   Appetizers were standard Thai fare, but the curries were outstanding. Masamum chicken in particular. Nicer decor than the King and I, though the service is not nearly as a quick. I'll be back, though. Probably this week. —WegmansFiend

2007-03-30 15:46:29   Have dined at Siam a couple of times. The panang (both times) I had was on par with EastSideStephen description. Very delicious. —AdamDewitz

2007-06-28 00:39:11   This place is NOT the great new thai place in Rochester that people make it out to be.

FIRST: Service has not improved, even though they've been open for awhile. I dined there a few weeks ago. Our appetizer was brought out 2 minutes after ordering it and our entrees LITERALLY 3 minutes after that.

Nothing like making it blatantly obvious that your food isn't made to order! It was so rushed that it really put a damper on my birthday dining experience.

Even worse, I'm 99% positive that they use frozen, bagged veggies. The chopped up carrots, corn, and green peas in my dish were definitely of the frozen, bagged variety, and the prices here are high enough that I'd expect fresh vegetables that the chefs chop themselves—especially because the "sweet peas" were the "featured" vegetable in "Gaeng Dang." —ChelseaAllinger

2007-08-13 20:27:14   I had the take-out last week and was thoroughly disappointed. The food was over-priced and not that great. The rice I ordered was like a friggin brick. Save your money and go to The King and I in Henrietta. —MandieCaton

2007-08-21 16:28:14   This restaurant came highly recommended. I don't remember by whom, but I am never going to trust that person's opinion again! The location is great - it overlooks the river, has cozy little tables. But the food leaves a lot to be desired - specially in terms of flavor. It's really bland. Time and again I have been accused of only appreciating food smothered in curry and spice (being Indian and all that). That may be, though I enjoy pad thai from time to time. The pad thai was soggy, and the peanut sauce overpowered any veggies the dish came with. The fried squid appetizer was okay, but King and I does a better job anyday. The calamari again was greasy but flavorless. I am not going back here.—SukanyaBasu

2007-09-26 23:29:30   I was severely disappointed in this place. I gave it a shot even though it seemed extremely overpriced for lunch (in Rochester.) The panang curry was overwhelmed by copious quantities of coconut milk and the subtle flavours were lost. The basil chicken was soaked in fish sauce. While fish sauce is very commonly used in Thai dishes, one usually uses a very small quantity as it has a very pungent/fishy/salty taste. Needless to say, the basil chicken was very salty. I don't know what about this place puts it above Thai Taste, Esan, Pattaya or any other quality Thai place in Rochester! —OneLove

2007-10-09 11:41:07   I don't think that recieving your food quickly means that it was pre-made with asian cuisine. When I cook asian cusine, if everything is prepared in advance, cooking only takes 1-2 minutes. Other notable Thai restaurants in the area, such as Mamasan's and King and I, also bring your food very quickly. I think it's great, I don't like waiting.

When I have dined at Siam, I've noticed that the food is very fresh. In my favorite dish, Jungle Shrimp, the veggies and shrimp have a nice snap to them. My second favorite is the spring rolls, they have a great flash-fried texture.

2007-10-26 19:03:11   Unfortunately we are void of real Thai food in this town. This place is no exception. Basic dummied up fare. Have they actually had Thai food before? Mixed veggies in every dish is far from authentic. —KevinFalzone

2007-10-28 19:49:26   I'd put Siam on par with The King And I. The sauce in the dishes was a little less flavorful, but I consider that an equal tradeoff for the fact that it wasn't nearly as heavy as The King and I. Vegetables were fresh and cooked well, and the chicken was just right. We had the crispy squid appetizer - I thought it would be tiny squid like I've had at dim sum, but it was big thick pieces - pretty good, with a sweet dipping sauce. It took a while to get our check, but aside from that, service was good. Prices are a bit higher than K&I, but with the nice view of the river, it's probably worth the extra money if you're bringing a date. —McgMatt

2007-10-29 12:05:12   Tried to call @ 11:45am today (Monday)—no answer repeatedly...hours may be wrong —PeteB