Mangia! La Famiglia Grill

Former Location
1749 East Ave, Rochester NY, 14610
CLOSED as of 2007

See Gone, But Not Forgotten.


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2006-11-23 12:54:46   Roncone's is now called "Mangia Familia" or something like that. We went there and almost a half hour passed between the time we were seated and when our waitress first came over, but she was tied up with a big party in the back and it seemed like she hadn't even known that anyone was in her regular section. After we told her we had a plane to catch, the food came out extremely quickly, and it was very good. For $10 you can choose a type of pasta and a type of sauce (about 6 choices of each) and add a meatball for $1 or sausage for $2. The rest of the menu is large and varied with prices ranging from about $10 to about $21. —RachelBlumenthal

2007-02-25 11:53:27   I thought the service was really slow and the food was only mediocre. I wouldn't go back. —ClaraSibley

2007-11-09 23:50:59   The service was incredibly, unbelievably slow. We asked several times where our food was and were told it would arrive in 5 minutes. We finally got our food after waiting an hour between ordering and serving. We had good (but not great) meals. I would never visit there again, especially because there is an abundance of Italian restaurants in Rochester from which to choose. —JoannaLicata