El Pacifico

Former Location
5763 Duke of Gloucester Way (Rt 332), Farmington, NY
CLOSED in May 2008

See Gone, But not Forgotten.

El Pacifico was a Mexican restaurant in Farmington. (Reopened under a new name: El Paisano)


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2006-08-24 13:16:03   I went there this past Saturday 08/19/06. Unfortunately it wasn’t worth the extra gas to get out there. The prices were very inexpensive which was great. The place was plain which was fine. The food was good which was, at a bare minimum, expected. However it tasted just like all the other Tex-Mex places I've been to. Everything was drowning in taco sauce and melted cheese. I'm fully confident that's not "authentic" Mexican.

If you want good Tex-Mex food for low prices and you’re in the area, it’s a perfectly functional option. If you’re looking for authentic Mexican, head out 104E to the village of Sodus and enjoy real Mexican food at El Rincon.

2007-08-29 17:41:42   I agree with ZedOmega that El Pacifico isn't anything special now (just ate there last night). I had to ask the waiter whether I actually got my chile relleno, it had been heated to the point of becoming flat and unrecognizable. Only a fork in the ocean of cheese revealed the drowned chile. We went last year, when it just opened, and it was great, but now, eh, I'll go to Salena's in VillageGate. Yes, it's 50% more, but it's a lot better food, worth my money to go out. —KatieSchmitz

2007-08-29 17:46:36   If you are looking for excellent Mexican in the area, just keep going South on 332 into Canandaigua, and find El Rincon Dos on Beaman street just off Main (332). Just as good as the original El Rincon in Sodus mentioned by ZedOmega. UPDATE - name has changed recently but menu and food are basically the same. El Rincon MexicanoDottieHoffmann

2007-10-21 12:37:47   I was up there last week. They had just gone through renovations. I found the food quite good. I had the fajitas - it tasted much better than those at San Jose Mexican Restaurant. My friends had taquitos and chimichangas and really liked those too. I am not sure if I can speak for its authenticity but I did notice some spanish speaking families eating there. —OneLove

2007-11-10 15:10:14   My in laws live right across the street from this restaurant and enjoy the food, so I went here with my husband to test it out. The server was great, the prices are incredibly cheap, and the food is satisfying. It's not the most fabulous Mexican I've ever had, but it was tasty. They have a huge selection of dishes. I got an interesting dish that was eggs with a fried pepper with cheese and some sort of sauce. It was really interesting and very tasty. —CatMagro

2008-05-20 23:04:09   Tried to go there tonight and there were signs on the door that said "seized". Seems to be closed. —BadFish

2008-06-15 08:42:05   Yes, it appears they are closed for business, due to owing 20K+ in Taxes. There is another Mexican Restaurant, just North of there by CTY rd 41 and 332, called El JimadorMikeDixon

2008-09-15 10:48:44   They reopened under another business name. It's nothing like it was originally. :( —ThatGuy