San Jose Mexican Restaurant

Former Location
2205 Buffalo Road, Rochester NY, 14624
CLOSED as of March 2007
[WWW]2006-04-18 review

See Gone, But not Forgotten


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2006-04-03 14:43:59   Just telephoned them. They are opening Tuesday April 4. —FiveMile13

2006-04-07 01:37:22   Finally non-italian food in Gates! The parking lot has been packed since opening... Hope that is a good sign!—JcPop

2006-05-21 13:30:18   I went Yesterday. The food was great but the service was horible! Our waiter, after taking our money, told us we have to leave now so that other people can be seated. I wasn't even done with my drink! Needless to say we told the "Manager" and use the term loosely - who didn't seem to care. If you don't care about service and like to be rushed- you may like this place. —JenniferStone

2006-05-24 23:52:27   We just (Wednesday, May 24th) returned from a delightful dinner; I suspect JenniferStone's bad experience was due to overcrowding on a busy night (not that that's any excuse for the way she was treated!) The parking lot had only five vehicles in it, and (probably as a result) the service was quite good — a little confused at times (three different waiters asked what we'd like to drink!) The food was also quite good (coming from a gringo in Raaaachester, NY who enjoys the occasional Taco Bell, mind you!) I had the "Little Bit of Everything", and Darla had the Chicken Burritos; portions were large, flavorful and distinct, served piping hot. Constant refills on the ice water & iced tea always make me happy! It's probably not very authentic, but it's a nice change from The Ground Round, and we'll definitely return. —TracyLogan

2006-06-25 04:12:45   We went last night and thought it was terrific... (considering it was "chain" mexican food) I dont' think they have a liquor license yet, so no margaritas with dinner. I had the chimichangas, my husband had the carnitas. Huge portions of piping hot food for less that $25! —JcPop

2006-07-08 17:31:10   After going their opening weekend and leaving very disgusted with cleanliness, food, and service, we decided to give them another try tonight after reading the positive reviews here. Although the food came a little too quick, it was very tasty. Our server was also attentive and pleasurable. We'll definitely go back when we are jonesin for some Mexican. —JasonWilder

2006-07-16 17:06:56   We returned for a second try on Friday, 7/14/06, and were at least as happy as our previous visit; the service was excellent, the food served hot and quickly, and the wait staff were fine with us lingering for conversation after our meal. The liquor license is "coming soon", for those who care! The Camarones San Jose were particularly tasty — a light veggie-oriented dish, with very tasty grilled shrimp. Our companions enjoyed their "Little Bit of Everything", which came on two plates — plan on sharing or a doggie bag. —TracyLogan

2006-08-08 09:16:39   Service was fast, food was pretty good. We'll be going back soon. —AdamDurand

"2006-09-12 09:16:36"   Had my first margarita there.... Nothing to write home about, but reasonable for a restaurant drink.... $4. —jcpop

2006-11-10 12:54:45   I have been here on several occasions—it is one of my favorite Mexican restaurants. On authenticity: according to several Mexican friends, this is their favorite Mexican restaurant due to it being more authentic than other area restaurants. —CarlGo

2007-01-06 21:16:44   Perhaps a little too authentic for it's own good - everything was well prepared and the meal was served almost too quickly (and too much!), but what I had lacked any real spice or any distinctive flavoring. I had the little bit of everything, but there was enough other interesting stuff on the menu I'd want to try something a bit more distinctive. Overall I'd say it's good enough to warrant another try. —RufoSanchez

2007-04-02 11:30:15   I just went there and I had a very good time. Like Rufo said, the meals were prepared quickly and in generous portions and servers were polite and attentive. I'd definitely go back, there's a lot to try out. —RichardSarkis

2007-06-13 16:10:10   I love going to San Jose with friends for lunch or dinner. They have very well priced lunch specials, and as many other reviewers mentioned, they serve generous portions. I recommend San Jose to all my friends. —AlexanderGartley

2007-07-23 22:12:14   Service was good. The chips and salsa were plentiful. I was not impressed with the food. I tried the Yolandas [basically chicken enchiladas smothered in 'special sauce']. The special sauce tasted suspiciously similar to marinara. The chicken was very mildly spiced. It was nothing to write home about but it was decent. I have also tried their chile relleno before and that was good. Then again, how many things taste bad after being stuffed with cheese, breaded and fried? But my Mexican friend swears up and down by this place so perhaps I am not a fan of Mexican food? Either way, it is worth a shot. —OneLove

2007-08-16 15:55:14   We have been to San Jose at least 4 times and each time was better then the first time. The service is wonderful. As far as the food, I was not a fan of Mexican food until now. So far everything tastes great.

I have one more thing to add. You can't go wrong with pitchers of margaritas. —LisaOlivier

2007-09-25 11:55:34   I had a great meal here, but some bad indegestion the next day. I would def recommend the place,but make sure you have an iron stomach, they use something in the chicken that didnt sit well with me. —MrRochester

2008-03-08 17:11:58   Stopped by last night (Friday 7 March 2008) and there was a sign that they have closed. They will be opening again under new owners, but no time frame as to when.

To bad. I liked the speed of service and the taste of the food. They will be missed by me. —WilliamBorrelli