Katrina's Mediterranean

Former Location
6 N Main St, Fairport, NY 14450
Status (as of Spring 2011)

See Gone, but Not Forgotten

They had outdoor water front seating as well, on the patio.

It opened in May 2010 and closed in the early spring of 2011.


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2010-05-26 22:21:32   delicious calamari greco and chicken souvlaki, reasonable price, friendly folks —chessturk

2010-05-26 22:22:28   open everyday 11 am to 9pm —chessturk

2010-06-02 11:54:25   I liked this place much better than the restaurant that was there before. The staff was very vigilant and attentive. I loved my entree and salad, but the calamaria was just a little oily. Other than that, Excellent! —LisaRuns

2010-06-26 13:09:16   Tried this new restaurant several weeks ago. Unfortunately, it was not impressive. The food didn't stand out from several other, more attractively decorated Mediterranean restaurants in Rochester. Calamari was way overcooked and rubbery, salads were so-so, chicken had no taste. The service was inexperienced and disengaged — our waitress literally disappeared for 10 minutes after we had finished and then appeared to tell us that she had lost our check and had to recreate it from memory. Looked forward to the atmosphere of sitting on the deck by the canal, but when dusk came, the lighting relied on 2-3 single bulbs hanging from the canopy. The rope lighting from the previous restaurant wasn't "working" — How do you open a restaurant and not have everything in working order. All in all a bad impression for a new restaurant. —nd99

2010-08-23 19:44:20   My wife and I had dinner there last Saturday night. Not at all busy. It's a nice location right on the canal.
The salads were just OK. My wife's veggie Moussaka was tasty but nothing special and just a square serving on a plate. No garnish or anything. Very plain.
I had the pork souvlaki over rice with lemon potatoes and it was very good. The pieces of pork were well seasoned and nicely grilled. I really enjoyed the lemon potatoes, very, very lemony.
The service was good but no liquor license and just basic Greek food. Except for the location I have no reason to recommend this Greek restaurant over lots of others. —HenriettaRob

2010-11-12 17:31:06   Decided to try this place out and went last night and found that it wasn't open for dinner. There was a sign on the door saying winter hours are 11AM to 2PM. —KairakuShugisha