Fina's Cafe & Bakery

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Former Location
229 Mill Street, Rochester, NY 14614 [Directions]
Status (as of 2023)

See Gone, but not forgotten


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2011-06-02 13:12:10   Finas is great so far. The Owners seem to know what they are doing and they make great food. It is an improvement from the cafe that previously occupied the space. —dtay2827

2011-06-29 12:50:47   Decor is nice and staff are friendly, but food is nothing to write home about. I definately don't recommend any soup that has pasta in it. Elbow pasta was cooked almost beyond recognition, and tured to mush with a couple of stirs. Last time I tried the meatball sandwich, which I also had to throw away. The rolls they use are way too soft to handle their meatballs and sauce, and the whole thing became a mess when the roll turned to mush. I work at a company right in High Falls, and I'm sorry I can't spread good food news about Fina's. —PhyllisNistico

2019-11-08 23:25:35   I'd go here for their salads when I worked in that building. Were things overpriced? Probably. But it was convenient having that place so close. —batguano