Common Ground Cafe


main entrance.JPGMain Entrance to the Cafe

Wilson Commons, University of Rochester
CLOSED in 2007


See Gone, But Not Forgotten

The Common Ground Cafe was one of the many cafes in the University of Rochester. It was located in the "Pit" (the bottom floor) of Wilson Commons. The Common Ground served Java City brand and Fair Trade brand coffee. Other beverages included milkshakes, Italian sodas, and smoothies. Most of the baristas in the cafe were current University of Rochester students and the cafe was open during the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. Every Friday night, during the Fall and Spring semesters, a student band or singer performed from 10:00pm until 12:00am.

The Common Ground Cafe officially closed down after the Class of 2007 Graduation late May. A new cafe, Starbucks, opened in the Hive section of Wilson Commons at the end of summer 2007. Meanwhile, the former Common Ground became an Arcade room, similar to the old Hive.


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2008-11-20 03:10:35   It was a crappy, generic cafe, and will not be missed; though I have no love for Starbucks either. —TobinFricke