Back Nine Grill

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Former Location
3500 East Avenue, Rochester NY, 14618 [Directions]
Status (as of January 2018)

See Gone, but not forgotten


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2011-07-04 17:05:35   We stopped Friday evening to have dinner at the Back Nine. The patio was busy and about a third of the main dining area inside was full. The first thing we noted was that the room was extremely noisy - I couldn't hear my dining partner or the server. Perhaps this was partly due to the two squealing children two tables over, but more likely due to the fact that there isn't an inch of sound-absorbing material in the dining area - no carpet, no drapes, no tablecloths, and a wood/plaster ceiling. While at a "grill" I don't necessarily expect a hushed room, it is nice to be able to talk across a 2-top without shouting. I had the ahi tuna which was nicely seared with a wasabi aoli on top, but the center was still frozen. Rare tuna I like, but frozen not so much. The mac and cheese I ordered as a side had some flavor, but was a pasty glob with no texture. My wife was excited to hear about the special appetizer which was described as "5 scallops with a Southwestern sear", especially to hear that it was just $10. She ordered that as a light entree, with an added side salad. It was nicely prepared and plated, but the "5" sea scallops were each about 3/8 inch thick which suggests to me that they were scallops cut in half (or thirds). It was a good dish, but I just wish that the BNG had been honest in describing it. We will give them some time to work out the kinks of the new place before probably returning for another visit. —JGerek

2013-11-01 04:11:36   Was Harassed by drunk. - While watching a football game here with my son we were verbally harassed by a person that was obviously very drunk and did not like our team and seemed to want to fight. I told the owner that he needed to be cut off, but to quell the situation he gave everybody a free drink including the drunk! We only had one beer each and never took the free drink while the drunk downed his right away. We watched as the drunk left the building and my son followed him out to get his plate number and call the authorities. The owner then told us that we could cost him his license and demanded we leave. Wow! Just wanted to enjoy a football game with my son. —PeteBonaccorso

2015-02-06 18:47:08   Went here for the first time for a reception in the game room: nice environment. Very good appetizers: even the cheese trays were nicely done and decorative. Great boneless hot chicken wings. May go back for a real meal since it's not far from home. —KatieSchmitz