Hawthorne's Restaurant

Former Location
3500 East Avenue, Rochester NY, 14618
CLOSED as of May 2009

Hawthorne's was a long-time Rochester upscale restaurant, also offering catering services. In May 2009 the restaurant was seized by the state because of the owners owned back taxes.

See Gone, but not forgotten


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2008-03-29 23:06:18   Decided to give this place a try. East Avenue was booked, so I tried Henrietta. Since it is in a motel the ambiance is not the best(a little nicer than a continental breakfast area at other motel chains). Based on the prices, I expected more. The menu is a smaller version of East Avenues, plus a few different entrees. I had the Onion Soup which came with lots of melted cheese and caramelized onions but was very salty. My wife liked her salad. The entree portions are large. My Southwest Salmon and garlic potatoes were flavorful. My wife's Apple Chicken was OK. Another companions Seafood Scampi had the largest scallops we had ever seen which were cooked well and tasty. The service was not the best but a banquet dinner was also going on. I still want to try the other location to see if the food and service are different. From the website, it looks like ambiance is nicer. —ScottHendler

2008-07-25 16:52:50   The food at Hawthornes has never been great, but the East Ave locale has a decent country club casual feel to it. It is casual American style food. The patio is nice and rustic bar area is different. Again the food though, is nothing to write home about. —MrRochester

2009-01-20 18:06:56   Not a bad place. Simply had a bleu cheese burger and it was average but the atmosphere was good. Very reasonably priced for the feel of the restaurant. —AV8R