Schoen Place Prime Rib and Grill

Former Location
50 State Street, Pittsford, NY 14534
CLOSED as of Spring 2008

See Gone, But Not Forgotten.


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2007-07-19 09:45:54   Was expecting a 'up-scale' restaurant, but didn't get it. The experience was nice, but the place is a bit old, with drab decoration and depressing musac playing.

I ordered a king crab and prime rib combo. First came the salad, which was the diner-like iceberg lettuce with typical veggies. The croutons were made from the dinner rolls they serve and weren't seasoned at all.

The meat was fantastic, perfectly cooked. The crab was dry and salty and small.

One ambience killer was the process of ordering wine. My dining partner asked for a wine list and was told the resaurant was in between wine distributors so there was no list. We asked, then, what Chardonnay was available. The server named a few and one was selected. When the wine came out, it was not the one selected, but one the server described as "nice and yellow," so she thought it would be good. It turned out to be very nice. Can't say the same for my Cabernet.

Go to this restaurant for the meat and order a beer. —LynnDaley

2007-08-30 15:44:45   Great food, AWFUL ambiance.

This place is going for an old fashioned style Prime Rib restaurant, but the decor just makes me feel like im in a nursing home. This is 2007, ambiance is as important as the food. It must have been different in the olden days?

I would not bring someone from out of town here, but the food is good, so I wouldnt avoid the restaurant.

Just an old fashioned steakhouse, very old. —MrRochester

2007-08-30 16:35:58   Mr-why not? My wife and I find it to be very relaxing?? The view out the window is very nice. —PeteB

2007-08-30 17:30:29   Pete - Everyone is different, thats what makes the world go round.

Usually you want to impress out of towners and I think this place will do everything but that. My friends are from NYC and already think all of upstate NY is hick country, this would just put the nail in the coffin.

I think the owners could make a lot more money by remodeling. This is already a touristy area and they could make more money off of it with a nice presentation. The restaurant also probably chases off many younger people who feel it is stodgy. I wonder how many people have walked in and turned around based on decor? —MrRochester

2007-08-30 19:10:58   Actually when we've been there—a lot of young families were there... so that's why I don't understand your statments. That's all—no harm done :) —PeteB

2007-12-07 14:39:12   My wife and I are new the area, and even newer to Pittsford. Schoen is just a few blocks from our house.

Yes, the decor is dated. I can't even say it was stylish in the 50s or 60s. I've eaten at steakhouses all around the country from that era — I love such steakhouses ... I like the whole ratpack vibe. Schoen isn't quite that place, and not sure it ever was.

But what food!

Cocktails are outstanding, and while they don't have a wine list, they always manage to find us a great bottle of wine.

The service is excellent.

So far, this is our favorite restaurant in the Rochester area, because it has a quiet atmosphere, with outstanding food, good service — all without any of the trendy pretensions of so many "finer" places.

2008-05-17 10:15:25   Been here twice in the past. It smells like a fire place when you enter and is VERY old fashioned... someplace to bring your grandma yeah know. When we sat at our table there where large cups of sour cream at each persons place setting, I have no idea what we were supposed to do with them or how long they had been sitting there. There was also Ritz crackers and cheese whiz, another classy touch LOL. I got I think... chicken French or something like that and it was swimming in oil and over done. Server almost dumped someone prime rib dinner in my lap which was also awesome. As you can imagine, we will not be returning. —NewtonNola