Merchant Street Smoke House BBQ & Brew

Former Location
48 Merchant St, Brockport NY 14420
CLOSED (as of January 2010)

See Gone, But Not Forgotten


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2006-02-13 15:37:30   Probably #2 in my book to the Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, but a great suburban alternative that has outdoor seating on the canal in Brockport during the summer months. Their ribs don't quite fall off the bone like the Dino, however, they are very meaty and their sauces are wonderful! -RochesterMom

2007-06-01 14:36:39   No doubt you can enjoy the BEST RIBS in Monroe County at the Smoke House. I've struggled to finish a full-rack but am actually stuffed with a 3/4 rack. I've been to the Dinosaur more than a few times as well but will ALWAYS argue that the everything barbecued from the Smoke House menu is superior to the same item at the Dinosaur. The Merchant Street Smoke House continues to serve consistently tender - smoked and cooked to perfection ribs at a reasonable price, I love it! - Randy Dumas —RandyDumas

2007-09-17 20:44:07   The blackened rib-eye in a skillet is to die for! —DebSlowe

2008-01-06 13:31:06   On 1-4-08 I brought my family to Merchant st bbq, what A waste of Money. Lobster $19.95 more tan well done. 1 full rack of ribs $22.95 more than well done,( needed a pitcher of water with each rib, and the chicken more than well done. Completlly dried out with no juice left.You want juicy ribs go to Famous Daves or better yet Sticky lips BBQ in Rochester on culver road. I live for the BBQ and Merchant street doesn't even come close. —TimDraper

2008-06-12 13:14:56   I have to say, the Smokehouse as a bar is amazing; great atmosphere, live music and good drinks. The Smokehouse as a restaurant is not quite as nice. The entrees are usually pretty good, but every time I've gotten the mashed potatoes they have had a very unpleasant flavor, along with several other sides. The service seems to be hit or miss, too; several times I have waited for an hour for my food or sat, ignored, waiting to order. I do still enjoy the place, despite its shortcomings however. —MattGeorge

2008-08-04 13:37:40   I was not impressed with Merchant St. whatsoever. The piece of chicken I had was totally dried out. And their Cajun Corn was a heap of corn with a tiny bit of powdered spice thrown on top. Very generic in my opinion. —vaneson

2009-09-10 19:51:08   The environment is good and inviting but the food was less than great. I chose the ribs and baked mac and cheese. the ribs were hardly juicy. it was more like they were sitting out for a few hours under a heating lamp. along with the dry ribs, the mac and cheese and garlic mashed potatoes were dry as well. The BBQ sauces were not thick to my friends liking, they were more of a watery consistency, as well as the ketchup. The dinner that me and my party spent there was not a $50 well spent. —MClark

2009-12-05 10:57:15   I went there a few weeks ago and it has apparently turned into a dance club after 9:00pm. Perhaps this is due to the closing of Canalside? Regardless, it does not retain the same atmosphere as it did before. —MattGeorge

2010-02-01 13:41:21   according to [WWW] , this place has closed due to lack of business. —TippingPoint

2010-05-14 20:47:01   TippingPoint, it closed for the same reason that Canalside closed—they didn't pay their taxes. The place was always busy. —ClayCoop