Ayaguez Restaurant

Former Location
1939 Clifford Ave, Rochester, NY 14609
Status (as of September 2011)

See Gone, But Not Forgotten

It opened on June 3, 2011 in the former El Conquistador location.


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2011-09-28 13:05:07   Stopped by at noon for lunch today, it was closed and had a For Sale sign up. I know people who have Groupons for this place. Anybody have any info? —JackPorcello

2011-09-28 15:24:55   Just googled them and there is even a youtube video for them uploaded a couple weeks back, so if what you are saying is true, it happened very recently. —TippingPoint

2011-09-28 19:11:43   Confirmed, was closed when I went by about 2 weeks ago. —DottieHoffmann