Rick's Prime Rib House

Former Location
898 Buffalo Road, Gates, NY 14624
Status (as of October 19, 2019)

See Gone, but not forgotten


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2007-04-11 19:05:43   i went here for a company party of my man's a year or two ago. it was here that i learned that i love real crab meat, not so much lobster though. everithing was really good though. —JadeRaven

2011-12-22 16:42:03   Went with friends for a holiday lunch. The place was nearly empty with the exception of a group of people at the bar (one of whom brought in a pepperoni pizza that he laid out on a table near us- they don't serve pizza, so this seemed strange to us). All three of us had prime rib (which should be their specialty since it's Rick's PRIME RIB HOUSE) and of the three, two of us found it pretty difficult to cut through and relatively flavorless. The Au Jus was tasty and was the only thing that saved the meal for us. Our waitress could barely crack a smile. The whole experience was kind of strange- I won't be back with so many other places (Scotch and Sirloin, Johnson House) that serve a much better cut of meat with far friendlier staff. —ShawnaLusk

2011-12-22 18:24:37   I've been a regular patron of Rick's for years, but last time we went, it was blindingly obvious that they are cheaping-out on the prime rib. I suspect that they aren't aging it as much as before, and are possibly substituting cheaper meat. If I get a chewy prime rib like the one I had 2 weeks ago again, I'm through with you guys! —Alex-C

2012-06-30 11:17:35   My fiance and I visited for the first time for dinner, and we will not be returning. For a restaurant that is named for the cut of beef it supposedly "specializes" in, we expected MUCH, MUCH better. While the portions were generous, the meat was tough (even though we requested rare & medium-rare), unseasoned, and extremely unenjoyable. I do not recommend this place unless you like bland food and tough prime rib. Also the spread served with the bread was definitely not butter, some sort of low-quality margarine that left a gross film in your mouth. —mercdotes

2012-12-13 13:43:44   This place feels like it's about 1000 years old, judging by the look, the clientele, and even the dusty books on the shelves. I had a work Xmas party here and it served that purpose. I had the chicken french and I thought it was pretty bad. I think it might have been more that it wasn't really my kind of dish (no spice whatsoever) and not as much that their food was low quality. Also, the surrounding area is kind of the industrial armpit of Rochester, with an RGE substation and some large chemical tanks as close neighbors. —PDub

2016-05-08 10:29:53   This certainly not the Rick's of old when they were on Howard Road and then later moved here. WE waited to be seated with 5 employees behind the bar all seeing us and continuing to talk to wait for their stuff without making any effort to tell the hostess. Our DD ordered a soda and it came in a plastic cafeteria cup, not glass, the salad was sad and wilty, the sorbet to cleanse your palette was in a plastic cup like a sample at Wegman's. The vegetable was green and yellow squash, which as everyone who works in a restaurant knows, that's the chef saying, "what cheap and easy bullshit side can I make that just fills a requirement?" It sucked. Upstairs, they were doing that "Joey and Maria's WEdding" comedy thing and bumping around on the floor very loudly. We all had prime rib and all of ours were dry and tasteless. One person had medium which was alway dry. I don't know how to both dry out a steak and cool it medium if I tried. Not only was this not a good showing compared to when the family who named their cut the Mr Z owned it, but it sucked compared to your average prime rib from an averagely nice restaurant. I will definitely not be back. —badfish