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1002 Eastview Mall, Victor, NY 14564 [Directions]
Status (as of June 2020)

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2008-05-16 13:07:46   I didnt like my steak from Bonefish, but it isnt its namesake. I am allergic to all shellfish and fish, so this isnt the restaurant for me. Steak was bad, my friend liked his fish though. Its like getting Italian food at a Diner, you just shouldnt do it, but I had to, not by choice. —MrRochester

2008-08-08 19:40:06   Been there twice with the wife. Nice place, good and friendly service. The fans make it feel too cold. Tonight we repeated what we had last time - a petite sea bass with mango sauce and an ahi tuna with asian sauce. Decent but not outrageous wine list and well priced. Very good martini. Not super cheap but very fair for the quality although the ahi tuna wasn't close to the 9 oz the server said. We'll go back again unless we find a closer seafood joint that is as good. Note: if you get the ahi with asian sauce the garlic mashed is the way to go.... —wdrazek

2009-05-31 01:07:19   I was here last week. The Singapore Calamari was good (although there was nothing very Singaporean or even Asian about it). I also ordered the grouper with chimichurri sauce. It was extremely salty and I ended up sending it back. 25m later, I got the same fish with the "asian" sauce. It was better but the spice rub they use just tasted burnt. The fish however was very fresh. My dining companion had the tempura fish fry and rated it average. We were offered free dessert for the fish taking forever to be remade and we ordered the key lime pie. It was excellent. The server was attentive at all times. The prices were acceptable for really fresh seafood this far from the ocean (so, $16-$20 for the most part). I really wanted to love this place but my experience left me unsatisfied overall..for what I paid, the dining experience was sub par. I hope they change the spice rub they use on all their is salty and tastes burnt. However they were crowded for a Tuesday night so..maybe it just caters to the American palate. —OneLove

2009-05-31 12:20:01   The "leading consumer rating magazine" rated them the #1 Seafood Chain Restaurant in their July 2009 issue. —BradMandell

2010-04-25 20:27:19   Almost a year later, I decided to pay this place another visit. It has gotten insanely popular - even with a reservation, we had to wait 15-20m. It is nice to be able to wander around the mall instead of being packed in the bar area like sardines while waiting. We ordered the Bang Bang shrimp appetizer - it was decent. The sauce tasted suspiciously like mayo and Sriracha mixed together. The house salad was fresh and delicious. The house citrus-herb dressing was very good. I tried the grouper with Asian sauce (again!) and jasmine rice. The sauce and rice were excellent. The fish was fresh but still a little salty. However, it did taste so much better than my last experience here. I recommend trying them on a non Saturday night (when this place becomes a mad house). —OneLove

2010-06-02 15:04:39   OneLove, I'm with you. We go on a weeknight and have had spectacular meals here. My favorites are the scallops and grouper, I enjoy a few of the sauce choices with them. Salad & Cocktails are good, too. —LisaRuns