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The Bonefish Grill Comments Archive contains comments made prior to 2008 and was archived on July 26, 2009.

2006-12-01 10:36:12   I have not been to the Rochester location but it is a chain and we are regulars at a West Palm Beach, FL location. Their Bang Bang Shrimp are supposed to be their signature starter dish, but we love the Saucy Shrimp much more. They are awesome and you can dip the free bread in the sauce that is left over. The Ahi Tuna rocks are well! —BadFish

2007-12-07 11:02:36   Had a great dinner there last night. The staff was pretty good although the waiter was pushy trying to upsell us when he took our order. I had the Saucy Shrimp and Ahi Tuna. Even though it is a chain and not local, I love it. —BadFish

2007-12-07 11:08:44   I've been here twice and had a really delicious meal both times. I don't remember what I got, aside from a very tasty fried calamari appetizer, but I remember being happy with everything. The second time I went was extremely busy and the food took a long time, but the server was apologetic and stopped by frequently to check on us. Be prepared to wait if you go for dinner on a weekend—this place gets really full. On the plus side, you can go shopping while you wait—the pager's range includes at least one wing of stores. I tend to avoid chains, but this one doesn't really feel like it. If you like fish, definitely give this place a try. —RachelBlumenthal