Lindt Chocolate


LindtEastview800.jpgPhoto Jan 2004 BradMandell

Former Location
7979 Victor-Pittsford Rd, Victor, NY 14654
CLOSED- January 2010

See Gone, But Not Forgotten


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2009-04-15 10:40:58   Lindt Chocolates have color coded wrappers (see the wikipedia article) for type of chocolate and nuts/flavor. We were especially lucky to have Swiss client that brought them to us as gifts (before airport security stopped them). The truffles in the US are made in New Hampshire and are not quite as good as the Swiss originals. In any case they are top notch. —BradMandell

2009-07-06 22:46:51   wow That is a great chocolate store —cesar

2010-03-02 09:30:07   closed —cesar