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1002 Eastview Mall, Victor NY, 14564 [Directions]
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585 223 2410
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P.F. Chang's China Bistro is a chain restaurant. It is not American Chinese food, though it is not authentic either. Located in Eastview Mall in Victor.

Recommended dishes include the lettuce wrap, warm duck salad, and the orange peel shrimp. Also, try the Shanghai street dumplings. They are made with chicken and have more of a "bready" dough covering than normal dumplings.


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2008-09-29 16:56:14   I like the ill-tempered sea bass and the #6 with Egg Rolls. Sadly lacking on the menu are Peking Pomeranian and Kung-Pao kitten. There are so many other places in town that are better than this. But it's always packed, so what do I know? —JhirkFace

2009-05-28 14:35:02   As an Asian-American, I must admit that i do enjoy PF Changs food. It is on the "american" side, but to me, it's still good. they don't claim to be specifically 100% chinese authentic... do they? lol it doesn't matter. if you want excellent authentic asian food, go to asia because that's really the only place you'll find authenticity. pf changs is rather pricey, but i adore their lettuce wraps... and mongolian beef... and their tempura dessert with bananas... oh great... i need a pf chang fix... hahaha —R

2009-06-07 23:30:51   It hurts to say this on a public forum - I enjoy the food here...even though it is a chain and not really authentic. The chicken lettuce wraps are addictive - the slightly spicy and salty chicken mixture paired with the crunch of fresh lettuce cups is just .. well, addictive. I highly recommend the Sesame Chicken. It is a very different version of the Chinese take out classic - they use ginger, garlic and chilli paste. However, the lunch special's soup options (egg drop and hot & sour) are terrible - one bland as water and the other salty as soy sauce. I suggest skipping it altogether. That way you have more room for the chicken lettuce wraps. I have had mostly positive experiences with their staff. The restaurant is extremely popular and this means long waits for dinner and even weekend lunches. I hate that part but the chicken lettuce wraps make it okay....did I already mention the chicken lettuce wraps are excellent? —OneLove

2009-08-26 22:53:38   PF Chang is expensive chinese food... You can get tastier chinese food for half the cost somewhere else. —Jessica

2010-03-01 10:49:26   Went out with a couple of friends on 2/28/10 for dinner. We had the lettuce wraps and dumplings for appetizer. Both were good, but portions were a little small. I had the hot and sour soup and it tasted like Cambells tomato soup. We all enjoyed our entrees, but again, the portions were a little small for the price. Our server was attentitive, but did not have any personality. I would expect at those prices and being more upscale, that they would employ better servers. —selfclaimedcritic

2010-03-09 17:03:36   Went there for lunch today. The server took our appetizer order and then disappeared. The appetizer (dumplings) came out promptly and was delicious. However, we sat with the menus closed and the empty appetizer plate on the table for some time before the server reappeared to take our lunch order. The same happened with our entrees. The food was prompt and tasty, but our server neither brought it to the table himself nor asked us how it was. Our drinks sat empty - followed by our plates - as we waited for the server to stop back at our table. When he did, we asked for the bill and then proceeded to wait another 15 minutes before asking another server to bring us the bill. Not once did our server apologize or even attempt to explain his inattentiveness. Needless to say, I will not be returning. —ChristineH

2010-12-27 01:43:29   Went here for dinner with low expectations. Some of the menu is expensive, but you can find decent deals here. The portions are smaller, however. Food surpassed my expectations greatly. Love the atmosphere. —DE

2011-06-10 01:12:16   Been to PF's here, Maryland, and Vegas...good, consistent, american style asian food that's a little overpriced...at least you know what you're getting... —MikeandDeb

2014-08-26 20:01:08   In my opinion this place had gone down hill. In fairness, our waiter was pretty good, but I was unimpressed by everything else. I had the Pad Thai which described to have a "bold flavor from Thai spices" however it was just loaded down with red pepper flakes. One of the plates on our table wasn't clean and when we brought it to the attention of the staff, there was no apology, only "no problem, we can get you another one. There were 2 people at the table when we saw it, the other staff member didn't say anything at all, just took it away and returned with a plate saying only, "Here." In the bar area, one of the staf was sitting eating his packed lunch of a sandwich, pretzels and iced tea in a tupperware container. At all the places I waited tables, I NEVER would have gotten away with eating in front of the customers, it is generally considered poor form. Also troublesome was he not eating the food from there for a reason? The music is obnoxious there, way too much bass and not relaxing dinner music. When we were leaving, 4 or 5 of the staff were hanging around the host/hostess station doling out fresh coffees from a Starbucks run, talking to each other with straws hanging out of the side of their mouths about the employees there they didn't like. Just tacky and not what I would expect from a restaurant with prices like this one has. I didn't really want to go there but others in my party did. Next time I am definitely refusing to go, or packing a sandwich and eating my own food alone in the bar area. —badfish