Viet-Thai Restaurant

Former Location
1780 E Ridge Rd, Rochester NY 14622

See Gone, But Not Forgotten

Closed in 2014.


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2011-08-16 13:32:29   Got take-out here yesterday and was quite disappointed. The restaurant opened recently and it may take time to "shake out" but the owners have a reasonable restaurant location elsewhere, so this should not be such a huge leap. The poor quality surprised me. I had hoped for so much more. My order was incomplete (I should have checked before leaving) and one dish was not included. The noodle dishes were (literally) a mess of lumpy noodles with a few scattered pieces of dried out meat. There was no sauce. The veggies were 8 sprouts and a sprig of carrot. Sheesh. The shrimp noodle dish had three (COUNT THEM) three chewy shrimp and another mess of noodles. The drinks were ok. I am not coming back....I can get three shrimp elsewhere.

2011-08-30 23:10:25   Asian Jade was a lot better than Viet-Thai. The guy who serves is a total joke. He doesn't know about a single dish on the menu. Wonder why they hired him in the first place. The fried calamari is the only dish that was decent. The rest was terrible. Doubt it would survive at that location. —bikerbash

2012-12-07 11:32:06   Have not had good experiences. First time there, no take out menus, wouldn't make a copy, and wouldn't let me bring a menu back to work for everyone to order. Did not even try again for a year. Tried again on a friends suggestion. Called several times before anyone even picked up. Will try this place one last time. —DAVZKNY