Former Location
3024 E Henrietta Rd, Henrietta, NY 14467
CLOSED (as of 2010)

See Gone, But Not Forgotten

Domenico's has been "closed for remodeling" since early 2010, and is assumed to be closed for good.


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2007-05-25 15:56:39   To start, their bread is amazing. It was brought out warm, with a firm crust and chewy center. Perfection! My homemade fettucini was outstanding. The pasta was firm and tasty, and the chunky marinara sauce struck a perfect balance of flavors - sweet, smoky, tart, and fresh. The dish was only $9 ($11 with a meatball) and was so big I had enough for a hearty lunch the next day. My companion had a field green salad and a bowl of minestrone soup, also fantastic. The beef minestrone broth had a very satisfying flavor that I couldn't quantify. Service was adequate, if uninterested. During the excessive wait between our salad and entree, our hostess brought us a couple bowls of sorbet. I'm not sure if this is standard practice there, or if they were offered as an apology for the wait.
The setting was mostly nice, but we found it odd to be sitting at a table with a table cloth covered by a sheet of butcher paper. In any case, the food was superior to any Italian I have had in Rochester, and the prices were ridiculously cheap given the quality of the food. —EastSideStephen

2007-08-06 22:32:08   Their bread was nice, with just a slight hint of garlic. However, I prefer the Carrabba's style of preparing the dipping oil - with herbs/garlic as opposed to vinegar (like they do it here). The salad was okay (wilted lettuce) but I liked the balsamic vingarette. They do serve sorbet as a palate cleanser. That was an interesting touch. I got a dish that was similar to the Chicken Domenicos - I forget its exact name. It was an heavy cream based sauce with a lot of butter. It was flavourful but overwhelming for me. I am more a garlic and oil kind of person when it comes to Italian. However my friend loved it. I took home enough to make 2 decent meals. The service was okay - I asked if there was bacon in the clam chowder and he said he didn't know (didn't offer to go check, etc). Otherwise he was attentive.

Definitely not my top choice for Italian but it is a nice date place with good food and decent service. —OneLove

2008-02-10 19:23:14   My wife and I love this place. The people are always nice, especially if you are not too self-important and engage them. The Seafood Fra Diavolo and Gnocchi - some of the best around. That's funny, asking if the sorbet was an apology. —BigPun

2008-03-22 09:15:49   our experince was ok, food was just about average better than a chain. but needs help. sauce not homemade service was bad! if you go there do not have stepanie wait on you. —JohnLance

2008-03-24 09:34:17   I haven't been here in quite awhile, but I really enjoyed the two times I went there a few years ago. I liked the sorbet between courses and the bread was delicious. Perhaps I was there on a weeknight, but it wasn't too busy, and where we were seated was perfect for a quiet conversation. Everyone seemed perfectly nice, from the bartender to the waitress we had. —SaraChristine

2008-03-24 12:01:21   The food at Domenicos is great. Dont be put off by the unassuming exterior, this place is worth a visit. They did a very nice redo of the interior and dinner was executed well.

This isnt the best Italian in Rochester, but it ranks up there with the 100's of Italian restaurants around the metro.

ESSteph - serving sorbet between courses is how you cleanse the palate. It is a custom of upscale restaurants, unheard of at Italian restaurants, a nice touch. —MrRochester

2008-03-31 00:09:49   I visited Domenico's this past weekend (a Friday night) with a birthday party of 18 (!). The service and food were both great. Our waitress had no problem splitting up checks and checking on us throughout our visit. I had the Chicken Domenicos (w/ shrimp & chicken) and it was delicious. Very generous portions. The vodka sorbet was a welcome treat for our group. —ErinDorney

2008-05-14 14:58:24   Food is still very good - nothing daring, just well-executed Italian mainstays. My chicken marsala was huge and tasty. The bread is still among the best I've had. Our server was very good. The prices have gone up since my last visit. Still not a bad deal though - since the prices were very low last time.
We had planned to use a couple entertainment book coupons, (Buy one entree, get one free up to $14) but there was a sign on the door citing a mix-up with the entertainment book company, which said they would only accept one coupon per table, up to a maximum of $10. —EastSideStephen

2008-10-02 10:44:42   I enjoy going to Domenico's - it's nice to find a good non-chain restaurant in Henrietta. However, I don't come here often since prices are a little on the high side. Admittedly, you are served enough food to have an ample leftover lunch the next day, but I would be happy with smaller portions and a reduced price. Italian staples are well done. My mother always orders the veal saltimbocca, a very tasty and salty dish (they had removed it from the menu, but brought it back by popular demand). The sorbet between courses is a nice touch. I've enjoyed eating on the patio, but I think the generic italian restaurant music (mix of opera and Sinatra) is always too loud. If you haven't been here, give Domenico's a try - you'll probably like it enough to keep coming back! —MRich

2010-06-20 10:35:09   Tried to go here for dinner last night and it was closed; there was a sign on the door that read "Temporarily closed for renovations". I tried calling them to see if there was a message indicating how long they'd be closed for, but it just rings off the hook. —MikePulcini

2010-10-28 14:15:45   Still closed for renovations? (Answering machine confirms: "We are temporary closed for remodeling") —Cherkwai