Tijuana Tokyo's

Former Location
89 State Street, Rochester NY
CLOSED as of 2008

See Gone, But Not Forgotten.


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2006-12-30 23:19:27   Phil Leger is an unlikely restauranteur. As the D&C article reads, he is as honest and sincere as they come :) —JayPeek

2007-01-14 17:46:15   I stumbled upon this place as a few other places were packed before the Knighthawks game. Apparently, it was their first weekend where they opened at night (Friday/Saturday). Good food and the owner is a great individual. I'm happy I came across it. —BrettDaly

2007-05-14 09:18:17   Excellent food and service, probably one of the better choices to eat downtown. —JasonWilder

2007-05-24 10:04:43   I had a oriental chicken wrap with a small salad the other day, and it was excellent. Quite a lunch deal for only $5-6. Minor service gaffe: I asked for no dairy, and my salad came with a side of parmesan-laden caesar dressing. The fellow at the counter mentioned "no dairy" to the cook twice, but apaprently the dressing didn't occur to him. Oh well, it was still tasty, healthy, and a good value. —EastSideStephen

2007-06-18 13:58:16   Ugh I ordered the san francisco salad and since I am a vegetarian I substituted the included chicken with grilled veggies. I asked the person who took my order to withhold the peppers that come in the salad. When I looked at my receipt it did not say to hold the peppers so I asked him if he told them not to put peppers on it to which he replied yes. When I returned to the office to eat, the salad was full of peppers. Also, I assume the grill was not cleaned before they grilled the veggies because I also found canned carrots, canned peppers and some ground meat in the salad. I could not even eat it. I will never go there again. —OdalisqueRise

2007-09-05 14:45:52   I had a great lunch here. The portions are huge and the place is eclectic. The owner let me know they plan on moving somewhere on East Ave to a place that will seat 75. Its a great fast casual local place. —MrRochester

2008-01-17 10:04:06   Just so people know they have been closed for awhile now. As the previous poster said they are moving to the east end area but if you look at their website nothing is happening yet. I can't wait for them to reopen they are great! —StephChows

2008-01-18 22:36:43   I really miss this place since it was so close to my office and always seemed busy. Hope they re-open somewhere soon. —JasonHaremza