Mary Beth's the Bay Bar & Grill

Former Location
372 Manitou Rd, Hilton, NY 14468
Status (as of August 2011)

See Gone, but Not Forgotten


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2010-09-26 10:56:00   Seems to me the owner is writing most of these reviews. For starters, the fish I had was completely overdone. The 2nd time I ordered Portabella Mushroom & red peppers over pasta. The plate was $11.99 and wasn't worth much more then $1.99. To add insult to injury, they billed us $14.99 for the meal - they don't even know their own prices!!!!! Pasta is cheap and I don't think they provided even 1 cup of it with this meal. As for raving about prime-rib, it was the worst cut of meat I seen, and they couldn't get it cooked right to save their lives. This was a bad experience the first time, but I thought it was just bad luck so I tried it again. Hate to say it failed miserably. Not the food once served by the original Roncone's. Don't waste your money. —NancyJohnson