Shadow Pines

Forner Location
600 Whalen Road, Penfield NY, 14526
Status (as of November 2016)

See Gone, but not forgotten


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2009-05-13 11:50:18   This is a solid layout and a lot of fun to play if you are on the public course tour like me. You can get really good playing here. Greens aren't fast but they are acceptable. The problem is the guys in the pro shop. It's the same thing every year. They are just generally rude and condescending. Jim or Jimbo is the worst. No one needs attitude from the public course counter guys. I hope the economy has impact here and wakes up the owners enough to either clean house or force the existing crew to actually be nice to people. Until then, go to Farview, Parkview or Victor Hills. All middle of the road, Rochester courses that are for the most part, happy to have you there.