The Bar

Former Location
355 East Ave, Rochester NY, 14604
CLOSED-Specific Date Unknown

See Gone, But Not Forgotten.


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2007-04-14 11:48:51   Formerly Karma, this bar/lounge offers live music, drinks, and most importantly - fondue. The large first floor bar is the central feature of The Chocolate Bar, but many tables are set up on both the first and second to accomodate patrons who want to gather with friends over a pot of bubbly cheese or chocolate fondue. The menu includes several different fondue flavors as well as a variety of martinis. Live "dueling piano style" music is offered at no cover, playing well known songs from all generations. —AutumnMarie

2007-08-31 13:05:25   "The Bar" is just lame. If Ronnie Davis could build one classy bar in his portfolio, that would be a nice change. It is nothing special, but very popular with people aged 18-22.

I miss the original "all white" Karma, that I used to go to when I was 18:( —MrRochester

2007-12-02 00:04:37   No more chocolate! We tried to go at 8 since that's the opening time indicated on the website, but it was locked, so we hung out at Monty's Korner for awhile. It finally opened around 10, but the chocolate bar sign had been taken down and the bartender said that they no longer do fondue service. It seems to just be a regular club now. —RachelBlumenthal

2008-01-05 19:36:42   Looks like the sign is back up, but minus "Chocolate"—now it just says "The Bar". Creative, really. —RachelBlumenthal

2008-08-15 12:57:30   This place is super shady - my sister says that they sell IDs out of the office for $60.00 each to underagers. I've never been in myself and I would never be caught dead in here if I was actually 21 years of age or older. —SaraChristine