Double J Restaurant

Former Location
3423 Winton Place, Rochester NY, 14623

See Gone, But Not Forgotten

Closed in 2014.


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2014-07-07 02:16:40   Wait, what's going on with this place? Pete says they changed their name and references a comment by jgereck, but that comment just says that a new restaurant opened at the same location, with no hint of it being the same owners. —badfish

2014-07-07 06:40:19   I know the manager. He's an old friend. Back a year ago or so the owners simply closed up & went home. Now they're back and they decided to change the name. That's what I've been told. —peteb

2014-11-29 18:14:39   I've driven by here a cpl of times and there's been no cars/no lights. Wondering if they've closed again? —peteb