Winton Place

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3450 Winton Place, Rochester NY 14623 [Directions]
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Winton Place is a combination shopping plaza and business office park on South Winton Road across from the east end of Brighton Henrietta Town Line Road. The plaza is partially in both Brighton and Henrietta. The Erie Canal is on the north end and the CSX railroad tracks on the south end. Some of the shops at this plaza include:

The building on the south side has several businesses such as:

There are also some free standing buildings around the parking lot such as:

There are also free standing office buildings to the east of the stores (perimeter of the parking lot turns into Winton Place Drive). Some of these buildings contain various businesses.


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2014-07-01 21:04:17   Over the past few years so many places have closed or moved out. I think it is time to re-purpose the plaza for something useful, especially since the canal is behind it. —scotthendler