Monroe Kabob



Former Location
201 Monroe Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607

See Gone, but not forgotten


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2016-01-13 22:04:21  -Worst food ever. Today we tried their food: chicken with rice and chick pea. Their food was not tasty, it was GARBAGE. The cook does not even know how to cook kabob. Where this cook came from? Does this cook actually know what is called kabob? This is one time restaurant, if you want to waste your money, you can eat there. Also, they give less food, quantity is so small for the money they charge for the food. The QUALITY and QUANTITY of food is worst. If you still do not believe me, go there and try their food and come back to me and let me know, am I right or wrong? The cheap owner serve cheap food in a cheap way. I never going back there to eat if God willing and I will tell all my friend in Rochester not to try their food ever. No wonder I do not see much customer in this restaurant whenever I pass by, Whenever I pass by I saw no customer at all most of the time, sometimes one or two customer like me who wanted to try their food for the first time and regret later why they wasted their money to eat there. The owner deprived us by giving small quantity garbage food, God is watching, so he cannot cheat people too long, if God willing. AliKha

2016-02-05 16:18:44   Super delicious food, inexpensive and friendly service. I dunno what the guy before me is going on about, but clearly he has a personal vendetta against this place. I loved it! —Cretinx

2016-03-13 15:09:37   Couldn't disagree more. LOVE this place. Excellent portions, pretty much ALWAYS fresh, affordable prices. —SabyRK

2017-05-12 13:12:59   I also could not disagree more I just has a Chicken Mahakini with Nann lunch (Spicy) and it was so tasty. I am going to go back and can not wait to get the Chicken Sag next time :-) —CCRC

2017-10-04 13:42:49   I have loved this place since it opned and it is still very good, however it used to be better. They must've changed owners or something because the Monroe Kabob that first popped up on Monroe a few years back was a quality experience in not only the food, but also its outstanding customer service, atmosphere and hours. They recently rearranged everything inside and stripped the place down to bare bones. I suspect new ownership. Now the only thing it really has going for it is the food, which honestly has declined. I still recommend this place to friends, but wish they could get back to where they started. —sub619

2017-12-31 03:07:25   I'm very disappointed it closed. This place was FANTASTIC when it first opened. Somehow it went to shit. Monroe Kabob is how NOT to run a business 101. It could've been something very special. —sub619

2018-01-02 17:40:09   Wait, is this place actually closed for good???

Last time I checked, the front door had a sign on it that said "Closed for renovation" —RobertCross

2018-03-10 20:50:29   Looks like they're open as of 03/10/18. Drove by and the paper was gone off the windows and the lights were on. Getting them for dinner tonight so I'll report back if I was wrong.

2018-09-17 20:25:57   This place is terrible, and the owner is a scammer. Please see my review here: