Rosie's Hot Buns



Former Location
642 Monroe Ave, Rochester, NY 14607

See Gone, But Not Forgotten

They closed in February 2014.


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2013-05-15 22:27:34   Just ate here for the first time. The service is quick, the staff is friendly and the food is tasty. With most menu items coming under $5, it's a perfect quick eats spot and provides a bang-for-your-buck (Personally recommend the corn pockets!). The restaurant itself is pretty spacious, but I'd love to see what it looks like when the renovations are all said and done. —bigwig

2013-06-06 10:53:31   My husband and I stopped in for a quick lunch on a Saturday; I had a chicken spice roll (Indian-inspired) and a pork corn pocket (Mexican-inspired). I loved the flavors of both, the meat was tender, and they didn't skimp on the fillings. The buns individually are the perfect size for a snack, and 2 are enough for a meal. We'll definitely be going back to try the other varieties (and maybe a cookie or two)! —AdrienneDahler

2013-08-08 16:53:02   Great food, great service, and great prices! —EileenF

2013-11-23 11:05:03   Are they REALLY open for lunch? Every time I go by at around noon, they are closed. These people obviously consider their 'posted hours' to nothing more than a general suggestion. —alex-c

2013-11-23 19:54:14   They were on hiatus for a couple of months for remodeling and working out some employee issues. —EileenF

2014-02-02 15:59:23   And....they are now closed. This time for real, it seems..... —alex-c

2014-02-02 17:10:58   Could have predicted that. Any business that can't even handle being open regular hours is obviously not going to last long. An indication of poor management and planning to say the least. —DottieHoffmann

2014-02-02 22:53:10   It sounded like they were having trouble keeping their employees for whatever reason. The manager left and then the place was closed for a while in the fall. It seemed as though there may have been periods where there wasn't anyone who actually knew how to cook the hot buns...the owner who was usually there when open did not appear to be a chef. Good food...a shame they couldn't make it work. —JoshStone

2014-02-03 06:34:37   Too bad. They were great for the location - good, cheap food. —EileenF